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【Java】18禁H-game『Pai牌high school』有衣バーション★体験版(オンライン版) 脱衣麻雀 e-Bunny 2008 雀悟狼-J

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She’s a tsundere student who claims herself to be an advance mahjong player. You as a teacher have to teach her a lesson on how to behave and punish her! Second gal from this hentai strip mahjong web Java applet game series, online demo version.

Features pretty gal CGs. This is considered adult doujin game using the free 雀悟狼-J mahjong applet engine as a base for the creation of this game.

This is the second game in this mahjong series made by e-Bunny. Latest one is the 4th game.

There is a downloadable demo version for this game, as well as the full version that you can buy online.

Pai High School – Adult mahjong web game, Java Applet/HTML, 2008, e-Bunny.

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