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1 – Introduction – Online Examination System in PHP

1 min read

Learn How to make an Online Exam System in PHP & Mysql using jQuery & Ajax. How to Developed Web based application for conduct Examination Online using PHP with Mysql. PHP Mysql based Online Examination System for student project. How to Create Student Exam result system in PHP with Mysql Database. Tutorial on Online Examination system in PHP with Mysql database.

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29 thoughts on “1 – Introduction – Online Examination System in PHP

  1. Very interesting, but I have a question sir about here in ERD 2:08, why you still have to create a separate table for admin? even the admin can easily have a field of usertype and use it for the table in users table?? Thanks.

  2. i would like to give some suggestion as you said,
    1. you can add a simple logic which can set criteria for passing and failing an exam. and this should be included in result.
    2. there should be some kind of logic which can close the exam automatically if a user open the another tab to search anything on the google. basically if user leaves the exam window exam should be over automatically.
    3. you can show percentage and red and green marks for passing and failing.
    4. you can implement a logic which can show the result of all the users but on rank based. mean there should be rank system which can tell the final result. like highest marks awarded person is on the rank 1 and so on.
    5. there should be some more security logic when user is taking exam. try to close the exam as soon as user leave the exam tab.
    6. try to make question view scrollable in case there is some kind of explanation will be added to questions.
    Thank you.
    these all are my personal thoughts, what you have made is great for learning but if you can do any of this, it would be appreciated.

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