Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

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10 Facts About SPACE That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Today, we explore some facts about space that will scare you! In 2019, kids need to know what space facts will blow their mind and everything about how the universe works! Do you want to know about black holes and the complete silence of the cosmos?


When will the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide?


How the Silence of Space Can Make Astronauts Insane – Or Make Them See God


Music: “Ukulele” from Bensound.com

Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (narration), and HowlingCreations (animation) for helping to create this video!

27 thoughts on “10 Facts About SPACE That Will Blow Your Mind!

  1. Its sad how this chanel content has changed without any given explanation aldo i do remember when peter did a video/stream explaning why youtube restricted videos and blah blah but idk is that a reason to comepletely change the content on the channel.

    Idk who you are i just know that i wasnt on this side of youtube for the last 2 months but the thing i know is i want Peter from TopThink back and aswell the old "new" topics.

    No one fucking cares the mooon and the whatever i cant even remember the title in my short term memeory cause even my brain knows how fucking unennesesecary that information is.

    Im sorry for miss spelling,stopped using autocorect.

  2. Earth is FLAT with a dome over top. Space is not what you think and NASA is a money laundering operation. God is real and his throne is on top of the earth (North star, Polaris). The dome separates the waters above from the waters below (Gen 1). Flat water, flat earth. Nike p900/1000 pulls back in boats “over” the horizon. Stars are living light energy. Look up stars under super zoom. Not “distant suns”. Sun is local and circles us. Moon gives its own light. Earth is FLAT.

  3. I had no idea my anus looked like a blue ball or that it was rotated 98 degrees I should take a photo and go see a doctor

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