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10 Websites to Make $100 Per Day Online | Quick Money

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10 different website that can make you at least a $100 a day, starting today. Spoiler alert, there are no surveys or DNA sample test here.

10 Websites to Make $100 Per Day Online | Quick Money

1. Affiliate marketing Amazon ( you can also use click bank but I don’t really use it )

Ways to do it:
– Youtube channel: if you have a channel, and you’re making a video relating to the product. Then you could make passive income every month. And I think by December or 2021, it should be earning me 1-3k ever month.

– Twitter: Follow this guy and copy what he does and study him, his the best at this. (@Fatkiddeals)
This guy finds products on amazon and advertising on twitter and people go quick and buy them because he has discount codes that you can get also with a well-built affiliate account.

– Blog: same concept just in a written format

2. Google Adsense
Beg: Its basically the website, that allows you to put ads on your website, blog, youtube or whatever you want to build
Climax: It’s basically how YouTuber get paid for showing ads
Ending: simple but effective.

– Youtube
– Blog
– Website

Basically, any website that runs ads you can use Google AdSense to monetize it and post ads on it and make money. ( if you have traffic then you can make money)

3. Discord: private channel for coaching or consulting
Beg: It’s the idea of leveraging discord a community app
Climax: to actually charge a monthly premium for extra services and access
Ending: Its kind of like how certain girls have private snaps chats and to get access you have to pay monthly

– Patreon Bot and other bots or you can do it manually with special codes
Allows you to charge a monthly fee and assign roles, and if they stop paying well, well the go back to normal and no longer have access.

– You can offer to consult, couching and even networking.

4. ( sell your stuff) eBay, Amazon, Etsy ( Facebook also)
Beg: if you don’t need it, then sell it and use that cash to buy more stuff
Climax: just by using eBay and Facebook, I’ve sold over 30k easily
Ending: I’ve sold phones, collector items, headphones, anything I could make a profit on

– But I started by selling my stuff first and save that money to buy more stuff to sell

2 ways to How:
– Just sell your stuff, and then make more money to sell more stuff. ( just make sure you focus on a niche so you can become an expert)
– Upgraded: sell other people stuff and charge them a fee
(including shipping, pictures, listing and everything)

5. Fiver and Upwork ( freelancing )
Beg: I’ve hired a few people to form this Fiverr and also upwork
Climax: If you can edit videos, do a voice-over or even a short video for someone then you can make money
Ending: However, its more than that, people have careers with upwork and Fiverr and you’ll see some people have earned over 50k on a project.

Have a skill, market it and get paid.

6. Task rabbit, steady, uber ( quick cash Apps )
Beg: A lot of people use uber and other apps for convenience
Climax: but they never think about doing it also to make extra money
Ending: I know one person that’s spent over $1000 dollars on uber and didn’t even notice

How to:
– Sign up for all of these apps, and get more options

7. ThredUp, swap, Poshmark ( Sell you clothes or start a business)
– Sell your clothes online, used or new
– Upgraded: you can go to these websites, and find things going for a low price and resell on another ( I’ve seen coats that cost 1k plus going for 123 bucks if you find the right buyer you can get more cash)
– Go to goodwill and red cross and get teeshirts for 1$ and list them here for 5 ( that’s a 500% profit)

8. Zirtual: Virtual Assistant
Go to the website, sign up if you qualify, and start assisting someone, and since it virtual, and also US base, you’ll get paid a decent amount of money. ( upwork doesn’t need that)

9. Kindle self-direct publishing
How it:
– Amazon will take for example a fee for printing the book, and of sales
Example: book print might be 2.50 per 150 pages, and then 5% +25cent per sail, and if you’re selling the book at 15 bucks, you’re still pocking most of the money.
– And you also get 35%-70% of the royalties

10. Fotolia/adobe stock
– Make an adobe stock account ( average photo might go for $10)




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