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198,000 XP Per Hour! – Fastest XP Farm in Minecraft Java 1.14

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What you are looking at is the Fastest XP Farm in Minecraft Java 1.14. This XP Farm produced 198,000 XP Per Hour! That is fast enough to go from level 0 to 30 in about 25 seconds if you could collect it that fast. It would take you from level 0 to over 227 in one hour.

This 10,000 Subscriber Special video is a revisit of my 1,000 Subscriber Special. In that 1k sub special, there was some controversy around the claim of “fastest xp farm” as that build had an MS Tick rate above 50. That is a techincal way of saying the game would lag when running, and while it was the fastest in-game xp farm, that meant the 180,000 xp per hour Guardian farm might have been faster in real-life-time. This rebuild (when I am not running my recording software) stays just under the 50 MS Tick rate, meaning this build is the uncontested Fastest XP Farm in Minecraft Java, surpassing the current champion (the optimized Guardian Farm), and is second in speed ever only to the now broken Dragon Farm. Unfortunately, this farm will itself be broken in 1.15.

Fortunately for anyone with a better computer than mine (which is most people), there is a world download below for you to play with, and the crop farms as they are setup now will support a 12 furnace farm ‘slice’. If your computer can handle it, add that 12th slice before 1.15 comes out and you can make your own claim for the Fastest XP Farm in Minecraft Java.

Let me add a special thank you note before getting to all the links. When I started my channel, I didn’t think I would make it to 100 subs. Yesterday, thanks to all of your support, I passed the 10,000 subscriber mark… 100 times more than the 100 mark I didn’t think I would hit. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch my videos, share them with your friends, and hit that sub button.

World Download –!y1kxBQQA!1zb_nsTpSIsbzK7ecYVM9UlqV_hcXBVemtI2G2gPCJE

1,000 Subscriber Special –

220,000 Per Hour Bamboo Farm (breaks in 1.15) –

Furnace Farm ‘slice’ tutorial –

Working Shaky-Sand design (as of the current pre-release 2) –

Original Shaky-Sand video –

Original video linked by OMGcraft –

Techman88’s Cactus Farm –


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29 thoughts on “198,000 XP Per Hour! – Fastest XP Farm in Minecraft Java 1.14

  1. When doing the lag test yourself, or when improving on this, be sure you character is far away from the build (while still loaded) and turn your back to it to get the best MS Tick rate possible. Good luck, and be sure to drop those links if you improve it. Thanks again for 10,000 Subscribers 🙂

  2. wow, you are 10% faster than guardian mobfarms! great job.

    I can imagine the main lag is coming from the items. But still, have you tried to put a roof over it, to prevent light updates?

    Or how about bringing the cactus, bamboo farm and furnaces closer together, building smaller modules where the items don't exist that long? (for your 25k subscriber special maybe? )

  3. You could reduce a lot of the lag by splitting up the farm modules so that the top layer of the bamboo farm and cacti farm directly feed the top 3 rows of furnace (or whatever works best, consider trying different numbers for the respective farms) so that the items are being sent to their respective hoppers sooner reducing their alive time in the world.
    By only splitting the farming modules you do not have any boundary compromise because the overflow from furance slices still fall down to the next layer.
    In addition, I would consider placing a lava or cacti directly infront of each dye dropper to reduce the time the dye items spend alive in the world as well. It's far from expensive and would help the client and server significantly.
    You can also stack items up without redstone by having the item lines running on blue ice and then hitting a turn with regular blocks below as the negative item acceleration would reduce the distance between itemstack entities.
    Again, these may not work for your desires but are things you can consider to aid lag reduction. Being able to run the farm just below 50mspt is great now it runs in real time, but if you want this running in your spawn chunks then anything else you do in the world will cause mspt to go above 50 again which limits the freedom of what you can do without lagging while the machine is active.

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