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3 Best FREE Website Builders! 2020

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WebNode 👉
Strikingly 👉
uCraft 👉

Believe it or not, creating a website for free is 100% possible! There are plenty of free website builders out there. But which one is the best and what are the disadvantages of a free website?

I’ve spent the past few months testing for the best free website builder, so you don’t have to. The truth is.. I don’t think website builders are looking to give away much for free. But, with a little research you can definitely make it work by finding the right free website builder for your needs.

This video walks you through the 3 best free website builders:

Ucraft let’s you connect a custom domain that you already own, which is great! It has a small ad that scrolls alongside your website and limits you to a 1 page website.

Strikingly doesn’t include SSL, that means your website will appear unsecured in browsers like Google Chrome.

If you just don’t want to pay anything at all, only have a small ad, and stay on the free plan indefinitely, I think Webnode is for you.


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  1. You explained in minutes what I was searching for long. thanks for sharing!!.. Surely I am going to start my website through these platforms. As I am a web developer, it helps me a lot from website builders. Thank you, friend. looking forward to more videos from you. Thank you.

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