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5 How to Verify Your Website in The Google Search Console

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Are you new to SEO? Do you wonder how it works and what matters most in 2019? You’re at the right place!

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of improving positions in organic (non-paid) search results in search engines. The higher the website is, the more people see it.

The history of SEO dates back to the 90s when the search engines emerged for the first time. Nowadays, it is an essential marketing strategy and an ever-growing industry.

If you want to learn SEO, you should be ready for a lot of creative, technical and analytical work. There are many techniques with different goals, however, the main point will remain the same – to be among the highest results in organic searches.

Simply said, SEO is about running the right website for the right people.

It isn’t only about a perfect structure or technical background of the website. Your website has to be filled with quality and well-optimized content tailored to the needs of your audience. And of course, it has to be good enough to be linked from other websites.

Is SEO difficult?
Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others index websites to create an order based on various ranking algorithms. Can we identify these algorithms? Yes and no.

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors. Though we know many of them: quality content, backlinks, or technical things such as site speed, there are many of them kept as a secret.

The bowl represents the technical stuff behind the website (technical and on-page SEO) – without proper bowl, the soup would spill all over the table.
The soup represents the content of your website – it is the most important part. Bad content = no rankings, it is that simple.
The seasoning represents the quality backlinks increasing the authority of your website – the last ingredient to make your SEO soup perfect.
The search engines are used by internet users when they are searching for something. And you want to be that “something. It doesn’t matter whether you sell a product, service, write a blog, or anything else, search engine optimization is a must.

Your website needs to be indexed by search engines. Otherwise, you’re lost.

Wise SEO activities improve your rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). Higher rankings mean higher traffic. If the traffic is engaged, it will bring conversions.

To sum it up, if you plan to succeed with your website, you need to do SEO. Some aspects are more complicated, but very often, the SEO success stands on common sense and a few best practices.

If you wonder how to learn SEO in 2019, we have a simple answer for you: You’ll need a lot of study and practice. The good thing is that you’ll find tons of information on the internet for free (including this SEO guide) but you should choose wisely. On top of that, you can attend various courses, classes or webinars.

Do you want to learn from the best in the field? Check the SEO tips our 30 SEO experts roundup.

If you don’t want to bother yourself that much or don’t have time, you can ask SEO consultants, specialists or agencies for help. Keep in mind that this way won’t be for free compared to this guide.

Basic terms vocabulary
On-page vs. off-page SEO
White hat vs. black hat vs. grey hat SEO
On-page vs. off-page SEO
Doing On-page (on-site) SEO means optimizing your website to affect the organic search results. It’s everything you can do on the website – from content optimization through technical aspects:

meta tags
URL structure
images optimization
structured data
website size and speed
… and many others. We deal with them in the 3rd chapter.

Off-page (off-site) SEO covers all activities you can do to improve the website SEO authority through getting backlinks from other websites. There are many ways to get them:

email outreach
guest blogging
social media efforts
cooperation with influencers
writing valuable content, so people would love to link to your website
… and many others that are covered in the 6th chapter.

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