Thu. Jan 16th, 2020

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5 Real Transforming Vehicles You Didn't Know Existed

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In the Transformers movies, we’ve all been amazed by all the crazy cars with futuristic designs; they can fly through the air, accelerate at breakneck speeds or even transform into huge battle robots…but all of this is just science fiction, right? Perhaps not. Of course, in real life you’re unlikely to see an old car turn into a combat robot, but engineers from leading corporations may surprise you with some of their innovative designs! Sit back and relax, we’re about to begin! These are 5 concepts for transforming cars that you just won’t believe!

27 thoughts on “5 Real Transforming Vehicles You Didn't Know Existed

  1. never gunna happen in large scale.. personal flight vehicles.. lol car crash nowadays = 50/50 you survive… crash in the sky = 90/10 you die.. the thing you ran into die's and a bunch of people under just flying along might die too..

    can just see it.. vehicle's under $15000 that will average 5 million in insurance to fly lol

  2. This is what we calldisruptive technology this is what's kept us in fossil fuels and not advancing in anything but the combustion engine in the last hundred fifty yearscompared to the first light bulb the first telegraph there is the components for the modern combustion engine how come technologies, so far are Head and shoulders more advanced pretty much all the technology is advanced accept propulsion to the Mass anything that would have jeopardized the oil industry's stranglehold has been squashed for the last hundred years they're slowly coming 2 the conclusion that electric will now changed the entire paradigm of autonomous vehicles drones plains cars it's not that it's a single product it's the idea which is only now being propped up and has a future because big o oil is transferring to electric which makes alief of technology in the car world unbelievable the things now we can do but this could have been done long ago but the economic stranglehold of such a disruptive technology and this is just the advancement from petrol to electric engines I'm not even talking about antigravity stuff which we know they have.

  3. Now what if these where in production but and the electrics fail. Be in the air the computer shuts down. Kiss your azz goodbye. Or driving over vehicles and catch 1 sits to high. There goes the under carriage.

  4. Hiriko….complete environmental friendliness?? They made from the wood from trees that fell naturally and then shaped by hand with sharp stones?…. metal steel has to be melted down produced and formed…. I'm pretty sure there's glass, plastic and other similar materials.
    …. and then the production of all the electronics and the batteries powering it….

    Why does everyone forget that to create new things, restart needing new materials and systems and procedures to produce the next great thing that's going to save us…. and then modify it into version 2 and version 3.
    If we took all the money and resources people are putting into alternative fuels, we could make gasoline powered vehicles run more efficiently and last longer.

    Everyone wants to be a groundbreaker but they don't check to see if their new ideas are just revamped versions of old ideas that have already failed over and over again

  5. The Audi Airbus is a tight original design. That all be really nice. It seems it’ll only be available to specific people; rich people, anyone who is trained to fly.

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