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[#5] The Layout – Code Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3

2 min read

LECTURE #5: In this lecture, we create our own copy of the Starter Assets so we can begin building our Bootstrap 3 website.

CONTINUE THIS COURSE FOR FREE AT CODE COLLEGE: http://codecollege.ca/courses/code-responsive-website-bootstrap?product_id=2174&coupon_code=YOUTUBER

DOWNLOAD FINAL COURSE FILES: https://app.convertkit.com/bradhussey/bcf?ref=YouTubeLecture6


If this course has helped you immensely, I very graciously accepted donations of any amount to help me create EVEN MORE amazing FREE content: http://bradhussey.ca/donate


Do you want to learn how to build a responsive, mobile-friendly and beautiful website using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery? Look no further! You’re in the right place.

This course is a simple, step-by-step tutorial that will arm you with the appropriate skills and knowledge to start building your very own responsive websites using the newly released Twitter Bootstrap 3 — a popular, free, mobile-first, open-source framework.

We will dive into hand-coding custom responsive layouts, sliding carousels, beautiful buttons, device-specific elements, scalable font icons, and so much more! This course includes all HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and even Photoshop files for you to use for free in your own websites & applications.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get ahead of the game and get started right now!

View the website you will be building in this course by visiting this link on your mobile device: http://bradhussey.ca/course/bootstrap/

“Ground breaking (and simple) web creation.

Wow. What’s the most expensive website on the Internet? Facebook? Twitter? Because when you finish this course you will have hand-coded a webpage that looks and functions JUST like the most impressive and intuitive websites that once took programmers thousands of hours to code. Bootstrap 3 is RIDICULOUSLY straight-forward.

These videos are well created, concise, fast-paced, easy to follow, and just funny enough to keep you chuckling as you’re slamming out lines of code. I’ve taken 3 courses from this instructor. Whenever I have questions he is right there with a simple solution or a helpful suggestion to keep me going forward with the course work.

If you haven’t done any coding before (or need to get brushed up on HTML) this guy’s HTML course is a bit slower and more in depth as to how the entry level code works. This Bootstrap course assumes that you’re well-versed in HTML and runs with it. My only complaint is that I now have to go back and re-do ALL my websites… because this course info is just too good to pass up. 😉

– Brennan Cuff, http://www.theuniversitybarbershop.com/

26 thoughts on “[#5] The Layout – Code Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3

  1. Dear Brad,
    I had many tutorials before this, but your one is excellent and well understanding and I really liked that you are putting comment tag for each and every section, I am also doing the same for my projects
    thanks lot for giving such brilliant tutorials and expecting more from you.

  2. Really good. I love your teaching, all of this explanation and simplicity you do are very attractive and appreciated from me.
    Keep going +Brad Hussey, you are doing great! 😉

  3. If the navigation bar behaves the same inside or outside the container, why not leave it outside? It seems to me that the code would be more clear, since you want it to be full width anyway…

  4. Brad u are doing a a gret job. m finding ur tutorials most useful and learning bootstrap in so less tym as u hav covered almost everything in this 4 hr tutorial ..thank u so much. Way to go… Cheers..

  5. Most thorough tutorial I've found so far. Most people jump into things that are too complex for a beginner (or maybe I'm just dumb) and it's very frustrating. Thank you for making this free

  6. Hi Brad, You are doing awesome and that's the reason you didn't get even a single dislike on this video till now 😉 ..Your way of describing is perfect. Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Hello Brad, 
    I would like to ask if you could explain the connection between LESS and Bootstrap and If there is a way of remaking the whole component such as carousal to fit our demands using LESS. Great tutorials by the way, thanks.

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