Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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6 Off Road Skills That Will Help You Cycle Faster On The Road

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34 thoughts on “6 Off Road Skills That Will Help You Cycle Faster On The Road

  1. I enjoyed a half-day womens only MTB course a few years ago. Didn't take to mountain biking but it really improved my bike handling skills on the road, and my confidence.

  2. Hey GCN, you should make a video about "counter-steering" technique. I'm surprised you haven't already made a video about the physics of bicycle steering dynamics. Most cyclists don't know the physics of how bicycle steering works and how the mechanism is highly counter-intuitive.
    Understanding the mechanism will greatly help people in obstacle avoidance and other emergency situations!
    Certainly helped me improve my cornering response when I started reading up about it as a young physics nerd.

  3. A childhood spent mucking about on mountain bikes, and riding a fixie in the city, have given me confident skills on the road bike. Handy, when you suddenly come across a crater in the road at 50kmph.

  4. Fat bikes are really fun to ride in challenging conditions. Lets just say I am in Canada and I do not like putting my bike away in the winter. I also just got a brand new norco bigfoot bike too. Fat bikes just are really fun to ride and you feel like you can ride through just about anything.

  5. I definitely love videos like this. There is too much power increase, do intervals blahs blahs blahs kind of videos. Its important to have those, but after a while it is hitting your head against the wall on how to be a better cyclist. This video helps encourage diverse training and riding! Thank you!

  6. Perspective…viewing this solely as a mountain biker I couldn't help but think that in large part the joy of riding a bike comes from encountering obstacles (rocks, roots, drops, skinnies, etc.). No disrespect to road cycling intended, rather just giving the mindset of a mountain biker.

  7. Faster again. What is with you Brits and the fascination with always getting faster. It's like the muscle heads at the gym who are never strong or big enough. Very few people ride to go faster, they ride to get outdoors and have fun.

  8. Great video Chris, not all watchers or members of the site are experienced cyclists and this short informative video can help those not so. You've just got to read some of the questions on the GCN Facebook page to realise not everyone is Geraint Thomas or Tom Pidcock 🙂

  9. Practice coming to a stop on a nose-wheelie. Yep. If you get used to doing nose wheelies all the time for fun, you will become able to use every_last_bit of braking power available to you from the front brake short of locking it… that skill might save your life.

    Also… skidding on both wheels. I practice it on snow.

  10. Winter riding on a nice flat grassy field (on 23mm tires) will help you learn to be one with the bike. Learning to stay wheels down when your rear wheel slides out is good. Learning to stay wheels down when both tires slide out is great.

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