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60FPS anime with SVP on Linux and VLC – Demo comparison (failed!)

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i will later upload a step by step guide how to setup that on Fedora with VLC, and I will try to do the same for MPV (havent tried that yet). read the pinned comment for more!

SVP page

16 thoughts on “60FPS anime with SVP on Linux and VLC – Demo comparison (failed!)

  1. i want to upload a guide for setting up SVP on Fedora with VLC, but i cant really capture the difference on a before-after video; you can hardly tell whats 60FPS on the above video; but in real full playback we can easily tell the difference, although it mostly depends on the scenes really; there is also an issue that VLC doesn't behave very good with VapourSynth plugin, but VLC doesn't behave very good without it either. for example when we fast forward etc; in comparison to MPV, VLC playback is extremely poor; anyway, any suggestions for 60FPS anime, before i upload the guide?

  2. 60fps anime its pointless, the panning, zooming, and digital effects looks smother, but the "sakuga" (hand drawn part) looks bad because its already made to be in 24fps. plus, interpolation algorithms really sucks at creating in-between photograms between hand-drawn ones, that is why sometimes the smooth panning stucks when a character starts moving

  3. 47.8 FPS or 71.7 FPS will give in better results!

    All you need to do then is to change your monitor refresh rate to 47.8 or 71.7Hz

  4. 60fps actually looks worse. You have to realize anime is originally done at 10-12fps, so pushing it to 60fps is gonna result in a lot of weird stuff like jerkiness and such.

  5. Also you'd preferably need a multiple of 24 for your refresh rate(force it to 48hz or 72hz for a 60hz monitor), you risk having stuttering video otherwise.(48hz, 72hz ,120hz or 144hz for your anime watching purposes assuming all anime are stuck at a 24fps mastering)

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