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635 – PHP In Linux CLI, External Storage Dilemma and VLANs

1 min read

PHP isn’t limited to web services: Robbie will show you how to run your PHP scripts as command line apps on Linux. We’ll also discuss the difficult decision between connectivity and future speed when looking at external storage, and how a VLAN could help protect Sasha’s privacy on a shared Internet connection.

1 thought on “635 – PHP In Linux CLI, External Storage Dilemma and VLANs

  1. I suppose for the sake of video content, attaching enterprise drives to an sbc makes perfect sense.
    I am curious what your actual performance will be.
    I am slightly partial to building Mini-ITX Linux servers running ZFS (RAID 10) on enterprise drives.
    Better yet, learn bind, isc-dhcpd, ddclient (w/ nsupdate), apache, php, mysql, shorewall, postfix & dovecot,
    put it on the edge of your network and serve up Nextcloud and Zoneminder.

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