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7 Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Website | Marketing 360

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Watch this video to learn 7 reasons why it’s time to update your website!

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Reason #1. Content Management Systems
CMS like Websites 360 make it easy for non-technical people to build and update their websites. You don’t have to spend time dealing with a developer when you can use new, affordable tools to do it yourself. This helps you save time AND money.

Reason #2. Mobile Users
Mobile use is so dominant today that if your website isn’t mobile responsive you’re at a huge competitive disadvantage. Mobile responsive design is default on most templates today, so it’s vital to have this technology in place.

Reason #3. Affordable Templates
Pre-designed templates on a CMS are a huge money saver in the web design process. You can have a professional, elegant website design done in a fraction of the time and cost you used to have invest on a custom design. Cost is no longer a barrier to having an excellent business website.

Reason #4. Websites Age in Dog Years
Website designs and technology become outdated quickly. Like with dogs, 1 year is more like 7. Unlike wine, website designs don’t get better with age.

Businesses need to be able to update their designs frequently and change with advances in technology. You can’t do that with an outdated, static website platform.

Reason #5. Security and User Experience
A business website must make a professional impression that builds trust. For eCommerce, people need to feel safe giving you their credit card information.

If you have a shoddy, outdated site you destroy that trust and make a poor impression. A professional, modern site with effective content is essential for driving conversions.

Reason #6. Content Creation and Sharing
Modern CMS platforms make it easy to update content, create blogs, and embed videos. They have tools that make it easy for users to share your content on social media.

Businesses need to the ability to publish new content on their domain on a regular basis. CMS tools save you time while allowing you to present professional work. If you can’t do this on your website, time to update.

Reason #7. Responding To Data
Today businesses need to be able to respond to data so they can improve headlines, calls to actions, and offers. They need to be able to create landing pages for specific ad campaigns.

The modern CMS allows businesses and marketers to create and refine their website pages to achieve the highest results. This is a huge competitive advantage when it’s done right.

Bonus Reason:
There are still a lot of businesses today that don’t even have a website! With CMS technology and inexpensive templates, there is no excuse for not having a website for your business.

If you don’t have a website, build one. It’s hard to do digital marketing without one.

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