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A Conversation with Dr. Howard-John Wesley hosted by Dr. Frank A. Thomas

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Dr. Howard-John Wesley,  pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia talks all things preaching. This phenomenal preacher explores his preaching mentors, preparation method, prescriptive preaching homiletic, matriculation as a PhD student in preaching, church and personal philanthropy, and much more. Dr. Wesley offers insightful exposition on the art, science, and theory of African American Preaching.

35 thoughts on “A Conversation with Dr. Howard-John Wesley hosted by Dr. Frank A. Thomas

  1. This was great.. I am fan of Dr. Weasley's teaching and preaching…I am also a fan of his entire ministerial staff…his spirit of excellence, gained through yielding to HOLY Spirit

  2. My husband and I work at Butterball and our commute each way is 45 minutes to work. I Bluetooth my phone to my speaker and listen to his sermons. I look forward to our mornings, so hungry for God's word.

  3. This was so important. I follow his ministry for the reasons he’s listed, my biblical knowledge is growing and I’m being challenged. He isn’t afraid of tackling timely issues but builds his sermons in amazingly solid foundation. I earned a doctorate with a complicated job and that work was no joke! #respect

  4. Truly, a real pastor with a real ministry based on a real life!  Thank you for conducting this interview Dr. Frank Thomas.  As a pastor, Dr. Howard John Wesley is one of the most prolific and spiritually-guided expositors of the gospel of Christ that I listen to on a regular basis.  This interview truly displayed the transparency of the minister from the "middle chair" (ie the pastor's seat).  Thank you for your transparency Dr. Wesley and may God continue to bless you and your ministry as you continue to mentor/ guide many a pastor into the realness of this walk with God while attempting to serve his people the best way we know how.  Peace and Blessings.

  5. Pastor Dr. Wesley, thank you for your transparency and clarity. While a lot of your words hold true, there was a foundational statement you stated that needs to re-evaluated. Please consider this. Based on your statement you made about the Bible, you make the bible subjective to the reader. You did not take the Bible as being 100% foundational to your preaching rather just the leading voice. Which is no longer at 90% when you started but now brought down to 60%. Will you like some preachers evolve into using your experience in place of the word of God? When does it stop or where do you draw the line?

    Please, this is not an attack on you but rather things to strongly consider because it is affecting and guiding your church policy. People come to God's house, the Church to be edified by His word through the one He called. The work of Christ in us because another example that reflects him and not us. so sir, why did you during the discussion use the words "my gospels" in place of the Gospel we are called to preach?

    Pastor, would it not have been better to say that the word of God is the lens, NO not the lens but the EYEs through which we see things in the world. Lenses can be replaced. like the eyes our mind should be Christ 2 Cor. 2:16 declares, We have the mind of Christ. This is only possible because of faith in Christ. Romans 10:17, says Faith comes through the word.
    1 Corinthians 2:16 for, "Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ.

    To the church, we must never stop being like the Bereans Acts 17:11.
    Pastors please reflect on it and thank you for this forum again
    Johnson Oni

  6. Phenomenal interview on so many levels. It is inspiring for new generations of preachers to see the building of an institution that prepares seasoned preachers to become the scholars that God needs for this season. Plus, it's moving to see Dr. Thomas being a wisdom and torch bearer for those who are yet to come. I learned a lot and was truly inspired! Thank you both.

  7. I am always in awe and greatly appreciative, as a young minister, the amount of black males who are studying, and laboring in this thing called the Gospel ministry at such a high level. So many more men and women are pursuing higher degrees in the study of and in search of deeper understanding and meaning of whom our faith is in and then be able to attempt to live daily and by Gods grace point, by my living, someone to Christ.

  8. Thank you for publishing the Interview with Dr. Howard John Westley, I have been listening to CAYA, sermons, from this phenomenal pastor.  Thanks for interviewing this remarkable man!!! Thanks for the inspiration you give each and everyday changing lives in youth, elderly, men, and women.  Thanks Dr. Frank A Thomas for interviewing an awesome man!!!

  9. Thank you for this upload. I do enjoy listening to Dr. Howard-John Wesley. It is always very refreshing and reassuring to see good preachers discuss their passion for preaching the Word!

  10. "We are Alford Street is making a move towards inclusion, a belief that sexual identity and orientation should not preclude anyone from ministry involvement a little bit different from opening an affirming but inclusive and welcoming" WOW!!! I have heard much in this interview that has confirmed my thoughts about Dr. Howard-John Wesley. I have listened to a few of his messages and my eyebrow was raised, well now I know what I thought I know. Please don't ask me to explain my thoughts to you.

  11. I just admire you and listen how the holy spirit speaks through you Rev Howard John , I am 10+ years older than you and a born again Christian for the last 29 years but I love your preaching Amen

  12. Thank you for this interview!! I hear pastor Wesley’s sermons online God has a word for us and uses pastor Wesley mightily. I believe he is a humble man of God and is not afraid to show how vulnerable he is and to show his genuine love for Gods people. Blessings to Alfred Street Baptist Church

  13. Wow this is an amazing interview. It gave me a deeper insight into one of my favourite preachers Rev Howard John Wesley and having to learn lots from him is a welcome bonus. I must say without fear of contradiction that the interviewer did an excellent job too

  14. Dr. Howard-John Wesley is always on point. He's my online pastor-LOL ( I think going on 4 years now). I watch his sermons all the time. He is such a blessing.

  15. I Keith Moore am glad that I know both the interviewer and the interviewee. The Spirit of the Lord ruled this discussion,and many like me, will be blessed and grow spiritually as a result. Well done.

  16. First of all Dr. Thomas your Spirit is magnificent brother, and thanks for this interview. The Phenomenal Man of God Dr. Howard-John Wesley is simply ordained, sustained, anointed and appointed by God himself. God bless both of you brothers. I am a fan of you both.

  17. This interview is a blessing. I was a member of the BLVD while Dr. Thomas was pastor. His preaching is still embedded in my spirit. It's crazy how God works. I currently live in the DMV since moving from Memphis and have been church hunting. I have visited ASBC and been blown away each time. Seeing this interview give me confirmation that ASBC maybe the church for me. Thank you Dr. Thomas for your legacy building! I'm remembering to "do right in all relationships" and "just be happy anyway" (two of my favorite sermons).

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