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A strong cup of Java, Episode Three: Cloud-native Java and microservices

1 min read

In this episode of “A strong cup of Java,” Java Developer Steve Perry talks about cloud-native Java and microservices.

Understand why microservices architecture is so important, learn how to create a microservice, see what it means for you as a developer, and find out where you can learn more.

Be sure to check out the show notes:


* N-Tier architecture definition:
* Packaging monolithic applications:
* OpenJ9 JIT compiling:
* Docker containers for microservices:
* SubstrateVM and AOT for native images:
* Kubernetes:
* Open Liberty Guides: Writing a simple REST service:
* Open Liberty Guides: Docker:
* IBM Developer: Why Should we use Microservices?
* Jakarta EE:
* IBM Developer Microservices Technology Page:
* Open Liberty:


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