Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Abstract Classes and Methods – Learn Abstraction in Java

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Learn how to make abstract classes and methods and the difference between abstract classes and interfaces!

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Abstract classes are a list of variables and methods that help you make other classes. Abstract methods don’t have code in them.

Abstract classes in java can be tricky at first… But SURELY you’ll get it 🙂 If you followed along, congrats! You learned abstraction by-doing!

I hope you enjoyed this abstract class java tutorial! I like to have a nice mix of java tutorials and actual projects for you all 🙂

Was this able to help you learn how to use abstract classes and abstract methods in java?

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Alex Lee

20 thoughts on “Abstract Classes and Methods – Learn Abstraction in Java

  1. Alex,Thanks a lot,for this clear and simple explanation with cute examples, this is very helpful,and i'd also wish if you could make videos like, kinda creating simple games with java or a demo on some project with java,on application basis of these concepts.. 🙂

  2. After or during each of your video can you give us an assignment? Or some sort of activity that we need to answer/code.
    In that way, we will know the essence of your tutorial.

  3. Hey Alex, great video. Can you please make a video on "how to think like a programmer"? I am having trouble implementing code to a project since I don't know what I need to create to run a certain task (nested loop for certain actions as an example).

  4. ALEX!! Thank You for making all these Java videos!! Seriously think that you deserve at least 100K subs for the simple and clear explanations! PLUS it helps that your super handsome and cute <3

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