Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

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AD shines a light on an accomplice do you agree live debate

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15 thoughts on “AD shines a light on an accomplice do you agree live debate

  1. If someone was in the backseat of truck, could have helped pull Shannan into the back of truck and that is why so much hair was found on back right side of truck, shanannan’s hair found there

  2. Plus the car seats that were on the back of shananns car were still wet? Real wet, supposedly from day before because they went swimming. I think they were washed clean and placed back in Shanann s car? Maybe? Just t r ying to figure be out also. But again I say y9u be are right on be the phone by and person in b a CK seAt! You are awesome! With your work! Your a true blue detective for sure!

  3. I Honestly dont see anything you dO..The bottom line is Chris Watts and Chris watts alone killed his family,NK wasnt there,Jim wasnt there..Its ridiculous to keep this going..Im no fan of NK,shes a homewrecker but she just wasnt there..

  4. This is absolute PROOF. You can see her, clearly. She WAS there. The evil mistress was involved. I hope the FBI sees this. Its so clear, NK holding a cell phone in back seat of that truck.

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