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ADA Compliance Services- Avoid Costly Lawsuits | ADA Compliance For Website Owners U.S & Canada

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ADA Compliance- Avoid Costly Lawsuits. If You Own a Website or Domain You Could be Sued! The law is changing and requires you to update your website NOW.

Here’s some facts about ADA:
* A historic supreme court judgment last year caused a surge in website owners being sued for non-compliance with ADA.

* 1,500 legal cases related to non-accessibility compliance in New York alone.

* More than 10,000 websites sued in 2019 for their websites not being ADA Compliant. This number is expected to hit 100K by next year 2020.

* Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance.

* The average lawsuit to business owners is $50,000! A recent settlement was $6Million U.S. Dollars. Hooters has been sued multiple times!

Find out how to make your site ADA Compliant and be stress free today!

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