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Advanced Custom Fields Pro & Elementor Pro – Advanced Real Estate Website

2 min read

Advanced Custom Fields Pro & Elementor Pro – Advanced Real Estate Website

This detailed and comprehensive guide will show you how to take Advanced Custom Fields Pro & Elementor Pro combined with a range of powerful plugins to build your own real estate website.

You’ll learn how to use Custom Post Types using CPT UI, create your own WordPress loop to display your properties in a truly unique way.

You’ll also learn how to create fully custom single post templates, archive templates, build ACF relationships to link your sales agents to your properties, integrate dynamic contact forms, multi-pin Google maps and soooo much more.

Not interested in building a real estate website? No problem, the skills you’ll learn in this tutorial will help you build all manner of custom WordPress websites with the skills you’ll learn from this tutorial.


★ Advanced Custom Fields Pro:
★ Elementor Custom Skin:
★ Dynamic Content for Elementor:
★ Anywhere Elementor Pro:
★ Hello Theme:
★ SearchWP:
★ FacetWP:
★ WP User Frontend Pro:
★ Admin Columns:


★ Beginners Guide to ACF:
★ Beginners Guide to CPT UI/ACF:
★ Multi-Pin Google Maps:
★ Elementor Pro Theme Builder:




2:00 – The Tools Used
5:51 – CPT UI
12:31 – ACF Setup
27:05 – Anywhere Elementor Pro Templates
1:04:58 – Custom Loop with Elementor Custom Skin
1:12:38 – Elementor Pro Templates
1:17:33 – Search & Filter setup
1:41:23 – Front End Form Submission
2:09:11 – Homepage & Multi-Pin Google Map
2:25:31 – Admin Columns
2:30:40 – In Closing

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22 thoughts on “Advanced Custom Fields Pro & Elementor Pro – Advanced Real Estate Website

  1. Thank you so much Paul for this wonderful tuts. Love it so much. Keep doing the great works for the WordPress community. Have a good day from down under.

  2. (Google translator)

    Great video! Do you have any plans to make the same advanced real estate site but using JetEngine & Elementor Pro. Thank you for your work!

    Hello from Russia!

  3. Impressive! I have a question: could I achieve something like this using JetEngine instead of ACF and CPT UI? I'm only asking because that's the tool I use for custom posts/taxonomies. I'm not sure if it would be compatible with some of the tools you use here.

  4. Great tutorial thanks! Any chance you could post the info in the description you mentioned regarding the Google API process and the Google API code required to make the ACF maps functional?

  5. Congrats for your hard work! I keep seeing your vids in my feed but never commented here before and just realised I wasn't even subscribed. Which I am now 🙂 Love your videos.

  6. Thanks you Paul for a very informative and in-depth tutorial. Your professional and clear approach to imparting information meant that watching a 2.5h video was easy.
    I learned a lot from this and as I have a project coming up, I hope to use a lot of the tips and techniques you outlined here.
    One aspect that I thought could do with a little more explanation is the relationships section. I am very clear on database relationships, but I thought this needed a little more detail. I would like to see if there is another approach. Your examples are dealing with a small number of properties, I understand. But when lots of properties are being added, the currently logged in user is probably the agent in your example and it would be good to see the relationship populated with that.

    I am really looking forward to your next video, thanks again

  7. Great tutorial! It's nice to see many of the plugins I'm using myself all together in one tutorial. I originally purchased WP User Frontend Pro before I realised not all fields were supported. Then I found Advanced Forms Pro. Not only does it support ALL fields including Relationships, Repeaters, etc. but it also links up to your ACF Field Groups automatically. You can set up custom fields for the Title and Content and link them to become the actual custom post title and content but with custom names such as 'Actor Name' or 'Actor Bio'. You can also enable Editing from the front end and set up Notification emails as you would expect.

  8. Can you do a separate short video on "Return Format – Image Array, Image URL, and Image ID" …. and similarly a short video on "Return Value – Value, Label, Both (Array)"

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