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AFFILIATE EARNINGS Emotional Rollercoaster – Affiliate Website Update 13

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Amazon took some of my commission! In this video I explain what happened as well as all the latest figures and updates to my affiliate marketing site.

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12 thoughts on “AFFILIATE EARNINGS Emotional Rollercoaster – Affiliate Website Update 13

  1. Hi Alex have you though about signing up to ezoic for your ads? They have a minimum guideline of 10k sessions per month for joining but plenty of people get in with 3-4K sessions per month. Best thing I did was join! I was earning around £0.2 per day with Adsense alone, now that ezoic are managing my ads I earn £3.4 average per day from the same amount of traffic (250 unique users per day average). Take a look at them mate!

  2. How long do your websites typically take to start generating sales? Been looking at some of your videos, esp the WordPress ones which I found were in depth and very useful for beginners like me. So thanks for these.

  3. As I said in July on your last earnings update, this site is costing you far more time and money than it will be worth(sorry to say, but it's the reality you're starting to see) .
    The amount of time and money you put into it, if it's not earning over $1000 per month you have wasted your time and money, and in this niche, even with high traffic volumes (relative to that niche) you will really struggle to ever earn that much from Amazon, adsense etc combined.
    I never put so much time and money into building sites like this. Build a basic eCommerce niche site (in a broader niche) with automated product adding, and drive traffic to it using automated posting on social media (I currently only autopost on Pinterest) .
    It takes me 4 hours to build a wordpress site like this from scratch, and a couple of hours a month just updating plugins and ensuring products are being added automatically. I usually start earning from a site within a couple of weeks and within 2-3 months I'm earning $100+ per site per month. I have 25 such sites (including,,,, etc) all earning from either Amazon and ebay affiliate programs or just amazon, plus a few other affiliate programs that I show banners for.

    Much simpler, much less costly (average cost is under $80 per site for domain, and plugins)
    I will start auto-posting on other social media platforms soon (Twitter, instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, facebook etc) which will drive more traffic and sales. All without paying for content or advertising, and trying to rank high on Google, which you will struggle to do in valuable niches without a huge seo and advertising budget.

    I've been doing this for over 10 years (affiliate advertising by building websites in niches and marketing for amazon etc) and learned hard lessons. I learned to keep it simple,and don't over-invest your time and money or you will struggle to get value.

  4. Products worth more than 400$ are a bit risky people will think about it more and there is the risk of returning it. perhaps try to propose something less expensive

  5. Hi Alex, I watch both yours and Dougs Youtube videos and have been building my own authority styles sites for the last few years and actually do it full time. It's nice to watch someone from the UK since I'm also from there. Quick question, I been thinking of starting a youtube channel to give back to the community but showing screenshots of amazon and Adsense earning makes me wary. Are you allowed to show earning? Great case study by the way.

  6. The large returned items seem a bit odd. Would you buy something the size of a roofbox, decide it's the wrong colour and then send it back? I wonder if Amazon's figures might take into account items that have sold but not yet dispatched? So if I bought it on 28th of the month, the figures get run on the 1st of the month and you get your commission, but then I am told that the supplier is having trouble with stock and it's going to be a few weeks so cancel the order. Might explain them.

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