Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Airwindows Podcast: Mac/Windows/Linux AU/VST

1 min read

Here’s the followup to PodcastDeluxe, as promised. Podcast is the same technique, multiple compressors that are the precursor to curve and Recurve, but simplified: without the phase rotators, without the full-on attempt to do ‘radio broadcast’ style tricks.

This also means Podcast can have a dry/wet control, because there aren’t any phase rotations delaying things. In fact, Podcast runs no latency and can work very well as a ‘glue’ style buss compressor… so long as you don’t want ‘pumping and swelling’ effects, or sidechainy whooshes of level. That’s because Podcast is still in the curve school of compressors and quits changing levels if the input goes silent.

It also hard-clips the output, making it a kind of ‘safety compressor’: though it’s not clean like a limiter, it’ll strike a balance between dynamics processor and distortion device. You can use it on drums and things meant to be aggressively smashed, or turn it way down and use it as a clean buss comp.


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