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Algebra 13 – Domain and Range of Binary Relations

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10 thoughts on “Algebra 13 – Domain and Range of Binary Relations

  1. Wikipedia:

    Partial function from X to Y: ƒ: X' → Y, where X' is a subset of X

    "There are two distinct meanings in current mathematical usage for the notion of the domain of a partial function. Most mathematicians, including recursion theorists, use the term "domain of f" for the set of all values x such that f(x) is defined ( X' above). But some, particularly category theorists, consider the domain of a partial function f:X→Y to be X, and refer to X' as the domain of definition."

  2. i just came back to see if you added a new vid, and it was today, i think you guys are doing an amazing job of conveying ideas, bravo! Seriously!

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