Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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AMD Finally Earns Respect From the Tech Press with Zen 2… & Navi Impresses!

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Zen 2 crushes Intel… Just like Zen 1 did, and it seems like the Techtubers get it now. I dissect Zen 2’s victory and also go into how surprisingly good Navi turned out! TIMESTAMPS:
1) Intro 0:26
2) Comparing Zen 2’s Victory to Zen 1 2:20
3) Why The Press is Finally Fed Up with Intel 4:27
4) Zen 2 Is Sandy Bridge, Zen 3 is Ivy Bridge 7:17
5) Zen 2 Conclusion 8:08
6) My Thoughts on Navi 9:42
7) What GPU’s should you buy now? 10:50
8) Overall Conclusion, and things to look for in the future 14:58


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Intel Responds to Core i7-7700K Overheating Issue, Cluelessly Suggests We Stop Overclocking,37908.html,36660.html,news-30082.html

32 thoughts on “AMD Finally Earns Respect From the Tech Press with Zen 2… & Navi Impresses!

  1. the Price War has begun, as you had predicted… Waiting for Intel to join the fray… Customers WIN!!! imho, Big THANKS to AMD for igniting it!

  2. The new CPU's are absolutely insane, no question on that. But on the GPU side, I've seen some very positive reviews, like Steve's from Hardware Unboxed, and some that seemed a lot more negative, like Steve's from Gamer's Nexus.. Not too sure what to make of them, but it's not like I'm in the market to buy one now, so I can wait for better drivers and see how they stack up in the future lol

  3. You have great videos. What will be interesting is how quickly the stock analysts realize Inel is in trouble and start upgrading AMD.

  4. I C U use a 50 inch 4k TV as a monitor like I do…It's really easy on the eyeballs… 😛 I caved in for a 3700X this morn…I have waited two years since my 1700X and I just couldn't wait any longer… 😀

  5. I actually saw navi trade blows in some review charts with power draw against Nvidia. When the non blower style coolers launch and temps/noise goes down people will start hearing the opposite on Nvidia. Hot and loud, or perhaps power hungry. It won't necessarily be because its that much better but as soon as amd starts winning its harder fans and neutral ones will be bringing it up a lot in spite of those original comments.

  6. Those Navi cards are a sham. Kudos on the CPUs, but those GPUs are a joke. They dropped the price to their original price. 5700xt is on par with a 2060. Once again, AMD drops the ball in graphics.

  7. I think it's getting even more fun hunting used stuff as we keep seeing these prices. I mean, you can get 60fps+ platforms next to nothing and R9 290s for like 30 USD. I'm more into ghetto modding and refurbish old stuff I get for free, and the things I get is still capable of hitting 60fps, high settings in 1080p with. While you at the same time, for just the graphics card to get equivalent performance but in 4K instead of 1080p will cost you like 1300 USD?! That is kind of absurd if you think about it. Gaming isn't that revolutionary and exciting anymore that it's worth that kind of money for just 4 times the pixels you otherwise get for almost no money at all.

    4K, 60fps minimum for 200USD and I'm in, but we're not even close to that and won't be for some time. Games are just not fun enough, and graphics not that important for these premium prices.

  8. Honestly that 5700XT looks like its going to be a good release even at 400 bucks. If they dropped it below 380 it'll be an even better release.

  9. Why is it so hard for reviews to have CS GO, Rainbow Six Siege and Civilization all in the same set of benchmarks? AMD is straight beating Intel at the high end in some games, when the hell did we last hear that?……..over a decade a go. Outstanding.

  10. Thanks for the videos bro! I’ve just found your channel. I really like the way you break things down. Your logic is sound and easy to follow. Keep telling it like it is brother!

  11. The Fact that every AMD Benchmark is Beating Intel in Adobe Premiere pro. Really has me super excited to get this. Its gonna be amazing 3700X and Hopefully find a good, used Vega 56

  12. 9:19
    If you look in the right place, it barely costs more than $100. I chose a £60 2300X over a £100 2600, and thanks to brexit, that's less than $120. We can get a decent 6-core processor really cheaply right now… and yet, Zen 2 has just been released, and we can expect the price to fall over the next couple of years, while Intel shows no signs of competing until they get their Foveros design sorted out.

  13. WHY are you waiting for threadripper?
    To be completely frank, what use case is there for it? For proper server/enterprise stuff we have EPYC, and for everything else, 16 core Ryzen is enough. What uses 32 cores that wouldn't significantly benfit from 64 or more cores?

  14. The 5700 XT looks great compared to Nvidia's offerings. $400 is still too high though. I hope you show consistency when it comes to talking about pricing.

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