Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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AMD Ryzen 3900X Running Pop_OS Linux 19.04 With Kdenlive Video Editing

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15 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen 3900X Running Pop_OS Linux 19.04 With Kdenlive Video Editing

  1. Would love to see a video of Kdenlive. Ran across it and played with it a bit only mold work OpenBSD machine. Have used Premier Pro for all my editing in the past.

  2. Your friends that have troubles with Adobe Premiere crashing may benefit from using a RADEON VII with the content creation drivers. Level1Techs and EposVOX did a collaborative video on this a while ago. Especially EposVOX couldn't believe how stable it ran.

  3. Haha “heating issue may be due to Windows”.

    Shows lack of low level (electronics) understanding and worse, lack of understanding on how software/drivers work.

  4. windows or linux they all suck in a way or another… you just have to decide what bothers you the most and use the other one…
    edit: better wording lol

  5. If the VM is the only one using keyboard input for pincode or password, the system does not seem to detect it. I have the same problem! If I open a terminal or an editor in the host or another VM, the problem is solved.

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