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Arduino PHP Servo Serial

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This is another video example of the Arduino in action controlling a servo. The servo movement is controlled by pressing links ion a local web server page written in PHP. For each click the PHP code talks directly with the Arduino board via serial communication. This is using almost the same PHP code as my other project where I control two LEDs via a web GUI. If you like these videos, please subscribe, rate, and comment. My last Arduino video received over 100 views in the first day it was posted. If I can keep this up I will be posting more videos more often with a WHOLE LOT HIGHER QUALITY. Not just video quality. I mean a whole series on the Arduino board and projects. As always the source code is available free, just ask…All I ask from you is that you subscribe. I notice not very many people on YouTube share their source code. Thats not fair if you ask me. The Arduino boards we’re ment to be open source, lets keep it that way. Please check out my other videos and stay tuned for more! Thanks for watching!

Visit to download source code for all of my Arduino projects. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Arduino PHP Servo Serial

  1. Hi wanted to know if you could give me your code for this project developed because it is exactly what I need for the project I'm working on before hand thank you very much

  2. I don't know how to do this in Windows but I there surely is a way to do it on a Mac using Applescript. You would need to setup an action that would run an Applescript when email is received then have the Applescript send serial data via a command to the Arduino. In Windows I am sure there is a way to do it and I would think that it would be similar minus the Applescript. Hope that helps. Sorry if you are working in Windows, I haven't done any programming in Windows for some time.

  3. You will need to load the files onto the Arduino using the Arduino program found on their website. The PHP files need to be loaded on a webserver connected to the Arduino.

  4. @djdusk Did you make any changes to the php_serial.class.php file? Try starting with a fresh copy of that file and see if you get the same error. This looks like the first instance of that type of error. My guess is that there might be a missing semicolon or bracket. Send me a YouTube message with all of the code pasted in it for the php_serial.class.php and I can see if I can fix it. Line 595 in my file is a bracket character. Might be different for you if you have modified the code in any way.

  5. @youtubazer That would be cool. I think it would be cool to get some stepper motors and build a camera rig that could follow my movement as I walk. Maybe for YouTube videos. Problem is that it needs to be smooth, silent and fast. I know stepper motors can make some noise.

  6. @georgeflacker The PHP code is running on the computer and the Arduino is attached to the computer and is receiving serial data from the PHP code on the computer.

  7. I'm doing pretty much the same, except I'll be using PHP as the backend (as it'll be a semi-public project) and Flash as the frontend, since not only will Flash look better, in my opinion it's easier to implement actual keystroke injection, so I can use the arrow keys/WASD to control the servo, using two servos + a webcam.

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