Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Are RMS and Linus Good for Linux? My Contribution to the Debate

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My contribution to the recent videos by Distrotube, Chris Titus Tech and Dark1.

URLs for the debate so far:

Chris Titus Tech


11 thoughts on “Are RMS and Linus Good for Linux? My Contribution to the Debate

  1. OTB, thank you for a well-rounded, balanced, and unbiased commentary on your response to DistroTube. I have watched all the YTubers who have created their own video responses to DistroTube, including yours, and must say that I prefer yours as the best response. I did not like the way that DistroTube–whatever you may think of him personally–presented this issue with the obvious lack of narration and a compendium of videos that were extremely biased toward the negative in representing the worthiness of both RMS and Linus in the development of the Linux operating system. Both you and I know that Linux isn't an operating system, but, instead, is only a kernel. It just so happened that Linus came along when RMS was struggling with his own kernel for the GnuOS, which was called "Hurd". He couldn't get Hurd to work and Linus' kernel, which Linus called "Linux" from the combination of "L"inus and M"inux" which Linus was using at the time, saved the day. Both RMS and Linus are revolutionaries of their day. They are geniuses in their own right and fields of endeavor. However, they are NOT public speakers. In fact, Linus admits that he literally hates to be in crowds and especially to speak to crowds of people. He's the nerd who works from his home standing in front of his podium, which is his desk. He's an introvert and introverts are typically not good speakers, nor are they good choices to market or promote a product. Case in point, the Linux OS. As for RMS, if you didn't know who he was an ran into him on the street, you would think he was a homeless man.

    Thank you for presenting both of these valuable contributors to the Linux operating system in the proper light they deserve.

  2. To sucessfully launch a product you need far more than just a bunch of bedroom coders and that's all Linux has. Nobody's fault, nor should it be any different. What we need is one distro to have the financial backing and drive to "take charge". Basically hire the right professionals to market their product with the right faces and the right businessmen to make deals with OEMs and prize them aware from Microsoft's secure grip. Linux itself is not a single operating system (nor is "GNU/Linux") It is merely a solid infrastructure for people to make a full, solid operating system out of. Unfortunately no group with the knowledge and finances has really stepped up to create a Mainstream competitive desktop OS out of Linux. Canonical came close with Ubuntu but ultimately failed due to poor decisions and a lack of real marketing.

    I'm gonna catch a lot of flack for this, but ironically the best people for Linux mainstream adaption have been Google. A proprietary corp who have sucessfully put Linux into the palm of a majority of people's hands thanks to Androids and gotten Linux netbooks into the laps of people who would never have touched Linux otherwise thanks to the Chromebook. Valve are the second biggest contributor to Linux mainstream adaption. Both of them proprietary companies and seen as "the enemy" by many hardcore enthusiasts.

    Are Stallman and Torvalds bad for Linux as a product however? You seriously expect an answer to such a stupid question. They're essential! It wouldn't exist without them and the Kernel has been fantastically maintained all these years primarily by Linus until recently. That's too channels I've posted my opinon and the matter on now and I think I shall leave it at that.

  3. RMS is a character. You know it, I know it; more importantly, he knows it. That's not to say he shouldn't be taken seriously, but the man does put on a good show.

  4. Of course, GNU/Linux is just a stupid idea. Why only GNU? I mean, OK, those are usually those basic tools + compiler + stuff.. But I was thinking about this earlier and I think it would be possible to build a Linux distro base without any GNU tools. There are other opensource compilers, most of the tools in coreutils have alternatives with a different license. Or, the other way – if GNU/Linux, then why not something like GNU/KDE/Mozilla/WhateverElseYouAreUsing/Linux? Right?

  5. half-a-job Bob … LOL .. ( your wife and mine Have Got To Get Together: one in the same's.)
    . RMS & Linus are better known today as "Linus & Snoopy" – they're both Charactors in their own right.
    I'm surprised they haven't been compared to "Bill Gates and Red-Green" … one day, in either of their lives, is more than Enough.

  6. Being politically correct is the dead for open source. There are huge forces against Linux, always has been, and being knee bender is the surest way to phuck it up. Linus Torvalds has been pretty optimal for getting Linux to be faster/less resource needing, more portable, more maintainable, more secure, better in every way, than billion dollar companies could produce. This is so amazing achievement, that it merits a real and hard thinking to actually understand.

    If Linux kernel stops having Linus as the "gatekeeper", then it has to have some other person as good (if there even exist one). Or the project slowly but surely loses what makes it good. The fact that it's free is only a small bonus on top of what actually makes it great and what actually people and corporations use it.

    Linus' "fuck you Nvidia" got results, so absolutely he should have done it, and tons of other "not politically correct" moves. Politically correct = what pleases those that have the power. So it should be obvious why being politically correct is a bad move.

    Putting RMS and Torvalds on the same video was sick, and shows real lack of intelligence or wisdom of the situation.

  7. The "bottom line" is simply because they are "engineering geniuses" doen't mean that they cannot be a*******s. It may be that Torwalds persona may have had a lot to do with the recent Linux Code of Conduct brouhaha.
    I think anyone new to G(h)nu/Linux will call it Linux and probably not know, much less care, who RMS (Root Mean Squared?) is and only know the delightful Mr. Torwalds as the "Li" of Linux. It seems it's best kept that way!

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