Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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ASMR Voice: Thank Full [M4F] [Thanksgiving] [Hosting A Party]

1 min read

This year I’m thankful for yall! ^_^

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Written and edited by Rhianna!
Recorded by CardlinAudio
Graphic design by Blue!
Cardlin drawn by: Gabi!

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26 thoughts on “ASMR Voice: Thank Full [M4F] [Thanksgiving] [Hosting A Party]

  1. This year, I've got so much to be thankful for, and I find myself most grateful for the amazing community of fans, patrons, and supporters who make it all possible. I wouldn't have any of this without all of you, so thank you for being a Cardigan! Your love is the one thing I'm most grateful for in my life. :')

  2. Y'all. I'm kind of sHakinG
    I went on Instagram and typed "CardlinAudio"
    And one of the things that showed up was "Cardlinaudiofanpage" I clicked it, and there's a PictUre. not 100% sure thO

  3. I'm thankful for the video's that you make because they make me very happy and always brighten my day even when I cry because I'm weird like that! Happy Thanksgiving (shhh I know it was yesterday!!!) Have a nice… Uh… Christmas season! Yeah… It's Christmas now right?! Well, I hope you have a great time regardless of what time it is! Happy holidays!

  4. Me: "Where are the greens and mac n cheese"
    Cardlin: " Excuse me?"
    Me: "You heard me!"
    Oh Rhianna, so cute, so well written
    Edit: And that art is so good

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