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Bangkok, Thailand Luxury Edition with Kellee Edwards

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Bangkok, Thailand offers some of the greatest value in the world when wanting luxury experiences. No exception. So when I had the opportunity within my busy schedule to experience the luxurious side of a city with the beautiful and talented Kellee Edwards, you know Bangkok Thailand was my first and best option.

Kellee and I both grew up humbly in Chicago, so having luxury experiences like these was never part of our story growing up. Now that we’ve both grown in our respective careers and are doing well, exploring some of the finer things in life, especially in a place like Bangkok is a must.

These luxury experiences are things I like to do every now-and-then, as a way of breaking from my normal day-to-day life, so we made sure we did it all – from Bangkok-sunset, James Bond speedboats rides down the river, to 5-star dining experiences on the best rooftops in Bangkok, to getting bespoke tailor-made suits.

With everything from our 5-star hotel experience with Lancaster, to the experiencing some of the best food, all for significantly less than what you’d pay in America for a similar experience, it’s easy to see why I never get bored of this amazing city. I will keep coming back time and time again to this beautiful city.

List of all the things we did.
Yacht down the River


Custom Bespoke suits
Rooftop Vertigo – Banyan Tree Bangkok
Scarlett Wine Bar & RESTAURANT

Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant

Lancaster Hotel Bangkok



34 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand Luxury Edition with Kellee Edwards

  1. Jubril & the passport heavy team, you guys know how to cover travel content, as in Bangkok was on my bucket list but you guys made me make it on top! Always enjoying your videos, make more.. xx

  2. I stayed at Baiyoke and Pathumwan Princess my last trip It’s nice to spurge every so often. Loved those 4 and 5 stars we hit the Icon when I took my gf on a river dinner cruise. Very very nice mall

  3. Look.! 450 USD/month is a legally minimum wages for new graduates of no skill. It is not an average monthly income. The increasing rate is about 5-10% up annually. For those who have been working for 10 years should earn around 700-800 USD+ monthly.
    Actually, those who earn less than 700 ISD a month would be in a very difficult period to live in Bangkok and vicinites, otherwise they would need finacial support from their parent.

  4. I love this brothers videos. I traveled while in the military, but once the kids came that all stopped, but now they are all grown and me and my husband are starting to travel. We are doing it by cruises. These videos have really inspired and giving me great insight on places to go and things to do.

  5. Wonderful video! I love how the video has such a smooth flow! Digging the way you are just being yourself while presenting everything. Keep doing what you're doing! Big up from Oslo, Norway! 😀

  6. Visiting vs living here for 7 years straight. Every place is better in short periods. Spend more time with Thais that aren't serving you, go off the beaten path and the glitter will fall out of the air.

    Going out to eat, drink, tours and get clothes made is fun I agree..but it's not inherently Thai by any stretch. All the things you like the most here aren't Thai LOL.

  7. I love Thailand! Recently went this year. Stayed at Anatara Riverside Bangkok Resort. Amazing breakfast and Hop on and off boat so convenient to visit the temples. Went to the same roof top restaurant…unbelievable. The experience was blissfully joyful and a memory that will always be in my heart. Everyone deserves to have that kind of happiness at least once in their lives. Thanks for always sharing…you encouraged my travels to Columbia and Tokyo…extremely out of my mind excited for Africa next year!

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