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Benefits of testing, PHP FIG, Drupal 8 – 2 of 2 with Sebastian Bergmann

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Part 2 of 2 – Sebastian Bergmann, the maintainer of the PHPUnit testing framework, came to our office in Cologne, Germany to talk with Campbell Vertesi (@CampbellVertesi) and me about PHP, PHP FIG and the PSRs, and of course testing. It is another in a series of interviews we carried out in preparation for DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai. To prepare our session, we carried out a number of conversations with important and interesting people from the PHP community and now we’re releasing those to you!

About our session: “Meet PHP-FIG: Your community just got a whole lot bigger, Drupal” is about Drupal 8’s membership in the new, interoperable PHP community. We’re covering the basics of what the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) is, what the various PSRs are and do, and talking about testing and dependency management, and what it means to be a part of the new PHP community — including having better architecture, cleaner code, and more interoperability. All of this adds up to a big move to get projects “off their islands,” saving developers a lot of code, and companies a lot of money, among other benefits.

1 thought on “Benefits of testing, PHP FIG, Drupal 8 – 2 of 2 with Sebastian Bergmann

  1. Listen to how Sebastian dodges the questions like a politician. I guess that's something you acquire with age.

    Sebastian doesn't actually believe in namespaces or the FIG, which pretty much every modern PHP developer in existence abides to. Just listen to his thoughts on composer in 11:20. He talks about something completely irrelevant like signing releases and refuses to acknowledge the fact that without Composer, PHP would be a relic of internet history. He refuses to even mention PSR-4 by name… has he just not wrapped his head around it yet?

    PHPUnit is going to fall into the wayside because of his stubbornness and ego. Just look at the contributors graph, and you'll see that Sebastian has something like at least 70% of all the commits to PHPUnit. I hope Sebastian seriously reconsiders his ways and embraces the modern PHP way.

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