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Best Free Web hosting providers in 2018

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All bandwidths above are per month basis.

Update: Hostinger is not taking in new accounts.


Amazon AWS

19 thoughts on “Best Free Web hosting providers in 2018

  1. If you want to try out a very fast web hosting then join GetLark. For 14 days you can test it for free. By clicking on this link you will receive an additional month free of charge. After the trial period, the monthly cost is only $5 per month. Thanks to the unique configuration of the server connected with SSDs, the pages load very quickly

  2. I have one question……….I have GoDaddy domain name and hosting ………but hosting is expensive …………….is that secure if I m choose free hosting , if my website is for my (new)consultancy……? Plz reply

  3. Alright guys, If you know anyone wanting free/very cheap web hosting give me a shout and I can set up cpanel for you. We are just starting out so plan is only £1.00 a month and will stay that way or you can get the free verison too mostly unlimited everything. Give me a inbox if you want more info

  4. bro i am not from technical background. so i am going to create an a/c in hostinger. but after your appreciable recommendation i am going to create a/c in googiehost as i am a begginers. thanks bro for givings us correct and informative contents.

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