Wed. Dec 25th, 2019

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Best Linux Distribution For 2019

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No surprise here.

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15 thoughts on “Best Linux Distribution For 2019

  1. This article made me want to throw up in my mouth with all the BS Conical has done this year. My favorite this year has been Manjaro w/ Budgie DE. I don't have to fight with getting AMD GPU drivers to work, or the compositing issues I was having on any Ubuntu based distro with Mate, and XFCE, and yes I know about Compton, but still issues, I've gone Manjaro, and have not looked back.

    I have a runner up for the less tech savvy people in my life, and that's been Neverware's CloudReady OS Home Edition(Chromium OS), as it's just make the ISO on an 8GB flash drive with Etcher(you don't need the Chrome recovery tool on Windows, Mac, or a true Chrome OS device), boot it, sign into WiFi or connect the Ethernet cable, sign into their Google account(get their phone if you have 2 factor setup for them to approve the sign in), follow the steps to let it do it's thing. reboot, go into settings, enable proprietary drivers, and flash, let it do it's thing, then reboot, and they are off to the races, as after that it will update itself when they log on. nothing for them to have to do again unless they get something like say a new printer, and 9 times out of 10 if it will work on a standard Linux distro far as common hardware(keyboards, mice, webcams, printers, monitors, graphics cards, sound cards) goes it will work on CloudReady.

  2. My distro of 2019 is Pop OS 19.10

    It is an excellent distro that can be picked up by beginners and where they can just get started doing what they gotta do without any faffing

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