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Borderlands 3 Zane Guide: Character Builds And Skills

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So you’re interested in playing as Zane in Borderlands 3? We got you covered with the best tips to make the most out of his skills.

46 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 Zane Guide: Character Builds And Skills

  1. Well the reason the digi-clone tree is about grenades is because the clone can eat them up to become stronger and stay active longer. So it is actually good to have two abilities and to let your clone use your grenades as protein bars to do more damage, have more health and etc.

  2. I started watching this to see of I was investigating my skill points wisely then he said to use one ability then I stopped that's his thing it's like not building melee for amara or not using or investing in your pets properly with fl4k lol best to get advise from YouTubers who specialises in borderlands games.

  3. This video seems like it was done by someone who was rushing through GP, best type of build is SNTNL and CLONE Rockets and Cyro For SNTNL with Gun damage, clones with Grenades And explosive on end of action skill. You can play passive or Real aggresive. I play aggresive for more xp. And the BEST weapon type for zane is TORGUE and tedioe, cause he plays with explosives just like the SNTNL and clone explosive. barrier is used for teamplay. My teammate plays as mose. Weve already done 17hours and 45min of gametime. Next time dont rush.

  4. Barrier and Sentinel for me. If youre getting extra weapon damage from walking speed combined with picking up the Barrier and your Drone cleaning up youre basically unstoppable

  5. im pretty sure the point of all the grenade perks are to let you utilize your grenades while using two action skills. not sure how a "zane expert" didnt know this.

  6. “Okay guys were level 13 with Zane, we can now give an in depth guide and advice on how to use him on a YouTube video” ignore this video guys, they clearly don’t know how to use Zane.

  7. I don't know how these are great advice for Zane seeing how you can pick 2 action skills and give up your grenades and still be using your grenade mod since there is action skills that allows you to use your grenade mods with your action skills without actually having to throw them yourself which is this video made it seem like if you pick two actions kill you cannot use your grenade mod so if I'm wrong on that maybe you should clarify a little better for the people that don't know what you're talkin about

  8. I started with sentinal and it is a great if you enable cryo and chance to drop grenade skill. extremely helpful to kill enemies on low health while you reload in cover.

  9. They are saying it's not the best thing to use 2 skills for Zane. That is stupid, what I do and tell me if this isnt viable:
    I use the shield and digi- clone, I place a clone in one spot, flank the enemy them place a shield down and start laying down fire. Dont let this noob tell you how to play. By the way all while playing solo lol

  10. Are you lot actually just against the whole fact that borderlands 3 is supposed to be based around character customization in terms of actual gameplay? Don’t listen to these guys when they say not to do something or that the sentinel is meant to “flush out” opponents. Seriously you guys?

  11. Doesn’t the grenade perks for clone use the equipped grenade mod regardless of you replacing the grenade or not? Thought someone made a broken build that basically has your clone and sentinel using grenades ridiculously

  12. Y'all play however you feel like playing. Take these "tips" with a grain of salt. If for some reason they advise against playing a certain way that you really want to play… PLAY IT! Find out for yourselves "what works". Most importantly HAVE FUN! Wish y'all the best. Now get out there and get dat LOOT!

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