Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Brick-Force: Closed Beta Trailer

1 min read

It’s time to lock, load and build with Brick-Force, the cross-platform sandbox shooter. Design your own epic maps with your friends and then blast through them in …

39 thoughts on “Brick-Force: Closed Beta Trailer

  1. ROBLOX already sucked, but minecraft is what almost everyone is talking about (except for a lot of girls), and brick force is just a small comunity right now and there is no knowledge accept for spreading the word about it that it will get bigger, (THIS IS MY OPINION NOT A HATER COMMENT)

  2. ok listen to me brick-force and listen to me good im serious! make the freaking monster mode for brick-force because i cant take it with just fighting other players i would just like to chill and kill something else besides my friends like a zombie bug or a killer computer just give me something man

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