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Build WordPress Website with Free Version Elementor and Add-On Plugins

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Elementor design tool has become a core part of my marketing journey that it helps me to build amazing sales page, landing page and other web pages.

All these while, I’ve been only using the Free Version. So does it worth to upgrade the Elementor to Pro Version? Watch the video and you’ll get the answer!

Running a Free Version Elementor with just three (3) add-on plugins, its like running a Pro Version. So what’s your take?

Which add-on plugins are suitable for the Elementor? They are:
1. Elementor Addon Elements – WebTechStreet
2. Essential Addons for Elementor – WPDeveloper
3. Premium Addons for Elementor – Leap13

Note: I’m not an affiliate for these plugins, I sincerely recommend them as add-on plugins, I say it from the bottom from my heart.

If you wanted to know which elements (extra) that I used onto my website from these add-on plugins, please read one of my articles:

Add-On Plugins for Elementor Design Builder

However, If you are having WordPress Website and Elementor Free Version, it is a good start to have these add-on plugins installed onto your dashboard.

If you are very interested to learn more on these plugins to create stunning website with zero cost? Just check out one of my courses in Udemy (link below). I have Free Coupons available as I’m running a debut offer now. Go get them before they finish.

I’m not hard selling my courses, I just wanted to show to you guys that you don’t have to spend a single cent to build website (apart from domain name and hosting cost).

You don’t have to know any programming languages, and there’re so many free resources in the internet that you need to dig in deeper. So here I am, showing you all the free stuffs! Cheers!

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