Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Calculate Linux – Easy Linux From Source

1 min read

Calculate Linux running like a beast on the HP gaming lapdog fully loaded as a media/comm’s pc and providng an excellent computingb experience.

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5 thoughts on “Calculate Linux – Easy Linux From Source

  1. The biggest problem for me is that Twitch doesn't (as far as I've found) send Twitter notifications. I ALWAYS have browser rabs open for YouTube and Twitter, but email and Twitch I only open when I want to check emails (maybe twice a day) or know someone I know has a regular streaming schedule (like 8 pm on Sunday). I'm not like some people who have 20 or 30 browser tabs open at all times. I find Twitch annoying except when there's something I specifically want to watch, I'll try and remember to leave a Twitch tab open all the time, but it's going to take a while for me to get into the habit.

  2. Hello Steve You just need to add the adrien overlay. First check that layman is installed => eix layman And if you get an output in installed version then it is installed otherwise you'll see an output in available version(s) but nothing in installed version.
    If layman is not installed => sudo emerge -av layman
    Then follow the Install section of this article (choose the layman part)
    Don't forget the curl part in it (this HAS TO BE DONE before!!!)
    Once the adrien overlay is added => sudo emerge -av optimus-manager
    Finally read the Usage section of this article:
    To get OBS with nvenc check if nvenc is enabled for ffmpeg => equery u nvenc and see if the USE flag nvenc has a + and is in red.
    If that is not the case => sudo nano /etc/portage/package.use/custom and put this line in it:
    media-video/ffmpeg nvenc
    Save this file and recompile ffmpeg => sudo emerge -avN ffmpeg
    Then check if OBS can get NVENC otherwise you might have to recompile it. Come back to me if you can't get NVENC on OBS.
    If you have a problem for adding the adrien overlay get in touch with Adrien through his Telegram group as this program is installed on your Calculate!

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