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CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit – Destination Linux 141

1 min read – Hosted by Ryan, Michael, Zeb, & Jason

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CentOS Stream
Fedora 31 Better Multimedia Codec Support
Endeavour OS Release
Oracle Builds Super Computer with Pi
Shotwell In Patent Troll Legal Trouble
Xbox/Windows Clarifies Exclusivity Stance
Broken Lines RPG

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18 thoughts on “CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit – Destination Linux 141

  1. About CentOS, there are a few studios that utilize CentOS for their Linux workstations, and there are a few proprietary titles made to work on RHEL specifically, so they will run RHEL on the back end and CentOS for other areas. So I guess what I am saying is that people aren't just using it for servers.

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys 😀 Yes, I am excited and passionate about this release. I've even upgraded my wife's laptop to Ubuntu MATE 19.10, that's how committed to this release I am 🙂 We're in really great shape to head into the 20.04 dev cycle. And yes, the HiDPI implementation is excellent in MATE Desktop, with more improvements coming in a few months when we release MATE Desktop 1.24. We have Victor Kareh from RedHat to thank for HiDPI perfection. I know, me working at Canonical and Victor a RedHat. It's cats and dogs living together 😉 We have a shared passion project and enjoy working together and getting stuff done.

  3. As someone who uses DaVinci Resolve regularly, and who has it working very consistantly now… I have to agree with what you guys said about it. I've done several tutorials on getting it set up before, but even though it works great for me, it's very hit-or-miss overall. Even for people with very similar hardware to what I run, it still might not work for them for some inexplicable reasons.

  4. The YouTubers want the newest releases, because they live from presenting new hardware and software. I have been a user, that used a 2008 HP dc5850 for 5 years till May 2019. I have been very happy with the LTS releases. Rolling Releases only create unnecessary problems for most users.

  5. Who paid for the snap server? So why do they have to justify their decision to keep it closed source? I would hate it, when a group of hackers or KGB-like organizations start to distribute snaps through their own snap server.

  6. I used Linux from 2017 Manjaro KDE and the only thing id say I wished Linux was able to do. Downloading Linux software, like video drivers. all id ask for was be able to install it like windows weather it was Nvidia driver or latest updated software program from the website. instead of make file in terminal or figuring out how to get file to work and sitting there going through YouTube watch how to Videos only to find when you reproduce exactly the same steps it doesn`t work. I believe if that was made possible. A lot of windows users would jump ship from windows.

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