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CES 2020 Las Vegas Hotel Booking Website Warning: Watch For “Room Availability” Trick

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CES 2020 Las Vegas Hotel Booking Website Warning: Watch For “Room Availability” Trick

This great article at called “Travel Websites Mislead by Falsely Declaring Few Rooms Remain” is worth reading before you pay for that CES Las Vegas hotel room because you think it’s about to be bought by someone else.

Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s the oldest sales trick in the book: Tell customers demand is high and supply low, and if they don’t act quickly an offer will disappear. Many hotel-booking websites take this tactic to extremes. Shop for rooms on many of them, and search results issue constant warnings about scarcity.

For example, as you scroll through listed properties at, details about amenities and rooms for some hotels quickly disappear, replaced by “JUST MISSED IT!” and “Sold out on your dates! Our last room here is already booked. Check out these similar properties before they’re also sold out.” Among hotels that still have rooms available, almost all get a bright red “Popular!” icon or bold warning of low inventory (“ONLY 1 LEFT!”). And if you’re not in panic mode yet, at the bottom of the page a banner pleads “Rooms in [area you’ve searched] are in high demand. Book yours now!”, Agoda’s parent site, makes similar breathless calls to book right away before you miss out.“

What the article explains is that the claims are not true.

Also listen to the vlog because I read it to you in full in case you don’t have time. The link is here:

Finally, be sure to look around for the right room price because in many cases for CES Las Vegas, rooms are as much as 12 times their normal daily room rate.

Stay tuned.

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