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Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma raised serious apprehension about Chinese activities in the South China Sea during a Senate hearing.
Inhofe said, “It’s like you’re preparing for World War III. You’re talking to our allies over there and you wonder whose side they’re going to be on.”
He stated that he was “concerned” that the message was not coming across, after China used a media blitz to present a host of illegal, artificial islands as “search and rescue centers”.
It is to be noted that last year Chinese state media circulated images of 2.8 km square island fortress for the first time after its completion.
On 29th Jan this year, Beijing’s state run media mouthpiece Xinhua says China’s Ministry of Transport has officially opened a ‘maritime rescue center’ on Fiery Cross Reef.
Xinhua quotes the ministry as saying.
“The center will offer better support to maritime rescue operations in the southern part of the South China Sea,”
As per the latest estimates, the Fiery Cross Reef is third largest of China’s artificial island fortresses having more than 100 building.
The news article provided no explanation why gun and missile and hardened aircraft hangars were needed on an island meant for maritime rescue.
As per Inhofe, the US sat back and watched as China staked its claim on the contested reefs. He emphasized that because the U.S did nothing, the islands are now equipped with weapons and fortifications.
In this video Defense Updates analyses why U.S Senator is saying that China is preparing for World War III because of its activities in the South China Sea?
Let’s get into the details

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  1. Taking China's words that they don't intend to militarize the South China Sea is like believing that you're dining in a Chinese restaurant that says NO MSG.

  2. If they are preparing for World War 3 then in my opinion it's not a very good job. These islands are easily watched and surveyed and everyone knows exactly where to hit. The more of their military hardware on these islands the lest they have elsewhere. In my opinion these are easy targets for any military

  3. China is promoting peace and economic stability by building up those islands into military bases.
    Lets assume they are pumping in communist money, time,resources and technologies into those areas which eventually will be used by UN forces.

  4. When you see any country having goose stepping military parades you know it's a country that wants to project a false representation of its strength.

  5. Vietnam said nothing it's allready under Chinese rule China is working on taking over Thailand and they do anything for money they would sell there mothers if the price is right

  6. B52 s just drop bombs to kill all communist Chinese pirates!.
    If stupid communist china wants to start WW3. 2000 000000 hungers will panic, go crazy to fight for food, nuclear MISSLES, nuclear bombs will destroy china !.
    Stupid evil communist china will be suicide, and goes to the hell !.

  7. It's about time we should suppress such activity and make it clear with China. It's allies should support the U.S. in this matter to provide free navigation for all nations. Dismantle the Chinese satellite and all military installations in the area.

  8. It is very clear that China is playing the field with lies & deceit. They are really preparing for an all out war to control the South China Sea. What they say and what they do are two different things. They are out to fool everyone just like how they make fakes in that matter. They don't need to install all that military equipment if the purpose is just for search & rescue operations to help maritime operations in the area.

  9. Chinese activities in South China…! Hmm…, how do they dare to have activities which are not approved by the US in their own waters (China's territory), when US is THE BOSS, huh…?

    What if it was something like: "CHINA ACTIVITIES NEAR THE US COASTS"…? What would that be then? OooOooHhh! That wouldn't be fair wouldn't it…? But the ALL MIGHTY US is free to do whatever they like everywhere and eventually flex their muscles at any country just because they believe they can do so for granted…!

    How shameless have the Amurican scumbags have become? In disregard to every nation and their people, the scumbags still have the nerve to act like some sort of rulers of Earth or universal policemen after all the damage they create everywhere they lurk! These shits have just one goal only (regardless what anyone else wants/needs): MONNNNNEEEEY, which are always being forcibly stolen from weaker countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, they even tried Syria and sucked it up big time, but still, just like Vietnam, they pretend to look like winners on TV!!!

  10. The Asiatians will strike the Double. In the Chinese sea (Pacific Area) the Chinese forces with the artificial islands. On the other side of Asia,(Agean sea- Greek Islands) Turkish forces are trying to do the same . They are both hungry for energy sources. they need more and more……

  11. China already did, being the biggest loan shark and using their money for a debt trap. Five countries in Africa, Sri Lanka, Philippines,Vanuatu, and other strategic countries are being controlled by China. Money hungry and undignified dictators are the easiest targets for debt trap.

  12. -War Industry Business Venture "connivance" are foolishly using World Media APPS a "conspiracy" covered with (Constructive War Bluffing Drama's) and that's what even by their routine happens since time in memorial; roaring waving a territorial domain seems like human disaster are waiting to happend, fooling out Nations around, confuses many, triggering them "Highly Budgeted" (Military Hardware) from where among rivals of War Industry Business Venture are Gaining Profit, Whereunto USA duty bound as ( Int'l Police) vested by Law are "Partakers on Royalty Revenue Shares" from (Military Hardware's Concessionaires)…
    -And "Heavenly Prosper" from (Damages Compensations) from (Wars and Arraigned international Conflict Casses) for making Peace!

  13. the americas are not interested in starting a war with the chinese they could careless about the phillippines considering they committed genocide in the phillippines in the 18th century the americans would rather help the chinese then start a war with them. the americans are just as dangerous as the chinese inside phillippine territory

  14. We cannot believe the words of the communist china. They said it is only a fisher'sman shelter but now halting phillipines fishermen and others. They are also making bases. How could you believe them. It is also not their territory.

  15. The silkworm missiles has been the bases that we were affraid of during the gulf war because it cannot be detected by the radar but they failed their new techno let us see if it works,through the unmanned jets of usa.

  16. China maybe powerful in this era,but if they continue what theyre doing their digging their own grave,south east Asian countries,japan,south korea is around china,which is Americas allies,and I don't think putin gonna help china he is not that stupid to help china in wrong doings,

  17. One could argue that because China was a nothing entity during WWII and it was America that fed them food and helped them and also defeated the Japanese that those waters are now American waters. Without question Americans have the right to sail in those waters without asking the permission of the dishonest Chinese. China can suck on a donkey's dick and swallow it. Fuck You China!
    Now that Xi is president / Emperor for life it is clear China is a backward looking people who only wish to rule others. Again, Suck Donkey Dick and swallow it Ching chang wanna wana bing bang. Fuck you China.

  18. Another of Obama's legacies and do nothing policies. Let's hope Trump doesn't wait for them to build up their capibilities and reach.

  19. Nine—Dash Line is the Chinese 21st century equivalence of US Monroe Doctrine in the 19th century. America could not do anything except watching when China built artificial islands in SCS.
    Now they built defensive installations on them because they are frightened by threats of US military’s plan to destroy them. Next the new rumors are China is preparing a war against the USA in her backyard.This is the same reasoning that if having barbecue in one’s backyard, is the same as planning to burn down one’s neighbor. Since America is ocean away to be at risk, the USA must convince all the neighboring trading partners that they are the real targets and America is there to protect them. Sound reasonable?

  20. This idiots must stop!
    US gooo and others ally!
    So be it :
    China preparing for war or not? This territory’s is ours /
    And now Pag Asa Island they want to go there?
    Noo ways!
    But pls: be careful our country phils/
    God is great!

  21. Angel said they are only leader and god give them a power to use it in a right way if they abuse it they dont have a choice or run if the consecuences is coming. From dead souldier phillipines.

  22. The best solution is to put thousands of floating bombs in South China Sea and use Mindanao straight as alternative route instead.Let China use south china sea alone and fill it with booby trap and watch their ship blow up everyday

  23. China one belt one road just a surface on the side they send Chinese people’s their and after those they claimed is places belongs to China . Just watched out just debts trapped and dirty tricks.

  24. China doesnt care who will react and oppose hiis intention and interest on Ben Ham Rise. If the govt will not do something they will push and push till they get what they wanted in the area.

  25. Lyeah maybe they don't want it to get a Swiss but I looks to me they do control the area so they better start walking to the rulers of that area as for us what did we 445 lately in the last 10 years and why don't we have as much messages they do come on I know that can't I know that's not true how could it be

  26. Isles of the Orient will be secured. Isa 60: 9 Surely the Isles shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy sons from far, their silver and their gold with them, unto the name of the Lord thy God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because he hath glorified thee.

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