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Choose The Best Domain Name – Easy Tips

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12 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choose Clear Words
• Your domain name should be easy to type.
• Long and confusing domains are annoying and people don’t bother to type them, anyways

Use Keywords
• Your domain doesn’t need to contain all keywords, but if you can fit in a relevant keyword somehow, you’ll be a bit ahead of the game.
• choose a keyword that fits naturally or don’t choose one at all. You don’t want to break other rules by making your domain name ridiculously long or strangely worded just to cram in a keyword

Make It Easy to Remember and Type
• Choose a domain name that is easy to remember.
• It is recommended to use short domain names and keep the domain length less than 15 characters, excluding the extension of the domain.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens
• As tempting as it may be to get just the right keywords or phrase if you’re forced to use a hyphen or a numeral, skip that name and find another.
• Using more numbers, a hyphen would decrease the overall readability of your domain and it became hard for your audiences to remember them

Find the Right Domain Extension
• The domain name is the biggest part of the battle, but don’t forget about the extension .com is still the most sought-after extension, so it may be your first choice as well.
• It is mostly recommended to go for .com extension if you really want to build a worldwide brand.

Make it Brandable and Protect the Brand
• While choosing the domain name, must keep in mind that it is not just limited to the URL but later on you have to brand to the customers.
• The website name you choose should work as part of your overall brand and you must choose catchy names for websites.
• Choose brandable domain names that you can easily use in advertisements

Be Mindful of Other Trademarks
• Do not choose a domain name that is very similar to another name running the same sort of business you are.
• Don’t use the domain names similar to the competitors’ products.
• Choose brandable domain names that you can easily use in advertisements

Make It Intuitive
• Your domain should reflect your brand.
• It is an essential part of your brand and in order to stand out your brand, you have to keep it unique and relevant at the same time.
• It is very important for your domains to be expressive and give the audiences a strong idea about your business and product.

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