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Choosing Linux in 2019

1 min read

Welcome to Linux! This video walks you through some tips to pick a Linux distribution if you are looking to experiment.

1.) Stick with the major distros
2.) Consider your hardware
3.) What is the purpose of your computer
4.) What Look and Feel do you want?

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21 thoughts on “Choosing Linux in 2019

  1. In addition to what he ^ said, my advice for people starting out, learn a bit about the distro you are interested in trying. If you end up deciding to try it and it works on your hardware, stick with it. Learn as much as you can about that distro. Don't start hopping around distros unless you have a compelling reason why your current distro isn't working for you.

  2. I think one of the most wonderful things about Linux in general is that, because of it's efficiency, it extends the usable life of your hardware. Installing the appropriate distro can be like injecting stem cells into an aging system. 😀

  3. Elementary OS actually uses gnome. You can install things using the gnome get apt-install terminal of regular gnome. They just call it pantheon because the GUI system is so different.

  4. My Laptop w/ Linux crashed. I bought an HP w/ windows 10, I HATE IT!

    I am self taught, I only check Emails, search the NET as I'm working on a book project and all my work is on Linux Libre Office and would like to continue with Libre office. My question is; is it possible to remove windows 10, replacing it with a Linux system? What system would you recommend? The Lenovo S21E w/ peppermint on it you use for writing sounds exactly what I need. Any recommendations will be much appreciated. Seeker

  5. I've been using Linux on and off for 10 years or so, and now I've landed permanently (I think) on Linux Mint 19.0 XFCE. Earlier I've been happy with Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE. My only major problem has been to get my printers and scanners to work in Linux, and so my advice for a newbie is to expect that your printer/scanner might not work with Linux – no matter how hard you try. I had to return the Canon laser printer I ordered a while ago as it simply wouldn't work, and then I got an HP and it worked like 1-2-3! Other than that: no real problems. Well, in some distros I couldn't get my VPN to work (automatic startup), but I figured out how to do it in Mint after some experimenting. Ubuntu may be easiest of all for such things. In short: Be prepared for some problems, but don't give up as there's always a solution! Oh, and with some PCs/laptops you might have to select Legacy mode in BIOS in order to install Linux. Different from machine to machine. I'd also advice people not to dual boot. Once you screw up – you really screw up when you dual boot. Clean install with 1 OS is best. 🙂

  6. Before switching your main system to Linux (or a different version of Linux), I suggest you find an older, cast off computer and use that to try out a few different distributions to find one you like.

  7. When I came to Linux I was clueless and I started to become familiar with the system, I updated my system through the Terminal contently and I clicked with it, I found that Linux is FUN and EASY TO USE also STABLE as well as EFFICIENT on low end Hardare! the distro was: ZorinOS 6.1 Lite running on a 2007 Dell Vostro 200 Slim and it flew, the Windows install was: Windows Vista Home Basic, I/we had issues with that pesky install and I begged my mom to install Linux on the Family Computer and I blew the pesky Vista install off the Drive and I messed up the Linux install so I repeated it and I had Linux on the Computer in less than a hour, I was so happy cause that was my 1st time installing a Operating System at the time. I never looked back at Windows or regretted installing Linux. I just can not tinker with Windows like I can with Linux so that's why I love it.

    Linux Mint gives me that Windows OS I can tinker on or with – I choose not to bork my daily install, lol…..

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