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Code Bootcamp: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three pillars of the internet. By popular demand, Sina have decided to start our Web Fundamentals classes.

You will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by building a real application. We will go through it step by step and build your first app together while using Git, terminal and other essentials.

** Course Outline **
Week 1 – HTML
Day 1: Introduction, setup and basics (Sep 8, Sunday 3-6pm)
Day 2: Deeper dive into the DOM (Sep 10, Tuesday 7-9pm)
Day 3: Best practices and wrap- up (Sep 12, Thursday 7-9pm)

Week 2 – CSS
Day 1: Setup and basics (Sep 15, Sunday 3-5pm)
Day 2: Making everything pretty (Sep 17, Tuesday 7-9pm)
Day 3: Layout, Best practices and wrap-up (Sep 19, Thursday 7-9pm)

Week 3 – JavaScript (part 1)
Day 1: Setup and basics (Sep 22, Sunday 3-5pm)
Day 2: Core concepts 1 (Sep 24, Tuesday 7-9pm)
Day 3: Core concepts 2 (Sep 26, Thursday 7-9pm)

Week 4 – JavaScript (part 2)
Day 1: Core concepts 3 (Sep 29, Sunday 3-5pm)
Day 2: Core concepts 4 and wrap-up (Oct 1, Tuesday 7-9pm)
Day 3: Demo day + next steps (Oct 3, Thursday 7-9pm)

Bonus Sessions
3 Code Review sessions per student
2 follow-up group calls

What is unique about this course?

No Wasting Time: No random conceptual, theoretical jargon. Let’s get to the point and get you on your way to becoming a full-time coder.

Fundamentals are everything: With a solid background you will be able to navigate the crazy world of software engineering with much more ease and confidence.

Personal Guidance: If you are confused about what to learn now, and what to learn next, you are not alone. This is a serious problem for anyone learning to code today. We have developed a plan that is as much of a guarantee for long-term success as we have seen anywhere else.

Small Group: This course is designed for a small group. In order for you to receive the personalized attention we want for you, it is important that the class is kept small. So hurry!

Follow ups: Code reviews are a daily activity for most professional developers. So, even after the course is done, we have follow up sessions in the form of group calls and code reviews. See the course outline for more details.

Affordable: We want this experience to be affordable to everyone. We have and will continue to have free sessions at our meetup, but in order for us to get serious about your career we need to invest significant time, energy and money in designing the best experience for you and get you on your path to success as quickly as possible.

Bonus: By taking this course you will join our inner circle group. You will receive special offers for our follow up courses relating to web fundamentals, such as React, Vue, Angular, testing and walk throughs on the dreaded algorithm interview and much more.

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