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Complete Responsive Blooger Website Using HTML/CSS

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Complete Responsive Blogger Website Using HTML/CSS
In this website, you will understand how to create complete #responsive #website design with just #html and CSS.

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42 thoughts on “Complete Responsive Blooger Website Using HTML/CSS

  1. Really impressive. Your CSS knowledge is amazing. Pls share source code.. You've reached more than 1k likes. I read loads of the real coders want to work on something like this

  2. Hey, can you tell me how I can put the mouse pointer to the EMAIL input field when I click on Contact in the navigation? To give the user a better User Experience. I have no clue how to do step 3.
    1. Click on Contact in the navigation 2. smoothScroll to footer 3. Mouse pointer moves to the Email input field from the footer

  3. Hello, this is one of the best things I have seen. Can I take this design and make a course out of it? I mean I will, of course, reference your channel but I will add PHP + MySQL to it and make a course out of it in Udemy! Am I allowed to? And what is the license?

  4. That is what exactly I was waiting for..Great work..

    Can you please also add single page html css design once we click on any post..
    Like adding syntax highlighter, special notes

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