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Configure Static Website Hosting on Amazon S3 using AWS Tools for PowerShell

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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) enables you to host static website content, such as HTML pages, and other static assets such as CSS and JavaScript files. During this video, we’ll explore how to create an Amazon S3 Bucket, enable it for static website hosting, specify a default / index document, and finally configure an S3 Bucket Policy that allows access from an IP address range / CIDR block.

You’ll learn how to use the AWS Tools for PowerShell to perform all of the configuration options, including creating the S3 Bucket, switching on static website hosting, and applying an S3 Bucket Policy. To create the S3 Bucket Policy, you’ll learn how to use a web-based tool called the AWS Policy Generator. This tool helps simplify the process of generating a resource-based policy for certain types of resources including SQS Queues, SNS Topics, VPC Endpoints, and of course, S3 Buckets.

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Producer: Trevor Sullivan

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