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Configuring Route Domains in F5 Big-IP LTM 11.x

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19 thoughts on “Configuring Route Domains in F5 Big-IP LTM 11.x

  1. hello,when i have two route domain+two partition,i create two ip forwarding vs for each route domain,this time ,server can't access the VS,if i create a standard vs,it's ok

  2. I thought you should first create separate partitions for security reasons. You have put everything under the Common partition.
    I am looking forward for your answer – thanks!

  3. Thanks. I hope my explanation made the confusion. Same concern in the below link

    Anyway thanks for your advice.

  4. You need one or more VLANs for each route domain. I think you are confused with HA and RD 0. I recommend you to take some F5 LTM Essentials training.

  5. Yes I am planning to have one dedicated HA vlan. Actually my doubts is Do we need to define a separate HA-vlan for each route domain and configure "configSync/Failover/Mirroring" for each RD. or a single HA-vlan and DSC for all the RD. Pleaes correct me if I am in wrong direction.

  6. By default, everything belongs to RD 0. If HA VLAN is a dedicated VLAN, I don't see a reason to use any route domain other than default.

  7. Thanks Gladius.
    Just to confirm. In my scenario I have an active standby F5 box having three RD; I would like to know about my HA VLAN… In which RD, the HA VLAN resides.

  8. As long as you understand the concept of route domain (RD), I believe you can configure as many RDs per your requirements.

    As far as I know, there are no special requirements for RD in Active/Standby setup.

  9. Thanks for you video
    Do we need differnt DSC configuration for multiple route domains? Please give some inputs, as I have multiple RD which need Active-Standby

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