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Convert Photoshop to HTML – Part 1

1 min read

Make your existing website responsive:

Learn how to convert your Photoshop design to a functional HTML website. The lesson is broken into two parts, and more lessons will come later to keep what is left. When viewing these videos, you will acquire a good knowledge on how to convert psd to html using table-based approach.

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21 thoughts on “Convert Photoshop to HTML – Part 1

  1. thanks my friend….. m a graphic designer but want to move on web designer it you have idea to get it plz let me know… i watched you all video.. it helps me lots… appreciate buddy

  2. The worst part when people who want me to help with converting psd to html/css is that they give file with totally unorganized layers, when I open, it's complete mess. It's with 99.99999% of people I helped. The most boring part of psd2html is to organize layers (add to folders, change order, merge images), before I start actually coding.

  3. Thank you! This tutorial is very helpful. Screw those who don't appreciate time and effort of others who want to share their knowledge for free.
    I would also like to see part 3, which I couldn't find. Keep up a good work!

  4. Thanks alot for your kind reply. I totally appreciate it…
    Well the thing is some people do not deserve that you shout back to them. Anyone can sit in front of a PC and use his keyboard to write whatever he wants. I would prefer if that guy faced me and told me that in my face, then we will see who is a fag and who is not

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