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Converting an HTML Template to a concrete5 Theme

1 min read

24 thoughts on “Converting an HTML Template to a concrete5 Theme

  1. Well now we have tool to improve design. Thanks for cleare explanation.
    If we would have solution on problem with menu half behind menu it will be super. (you can see on 18:17 When you have less height menu header is hiding all of it, it is ennoying)

  2. <?php Loader::element('footer_required'); ?> works a lot better then what you have in your video for the toolbar to show up and start working. Otherwise without it, it did not show up at all.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. The only thing it doesn't cover is how to implement a bootstrap style auto nav. Any chance of doing a tutorial on how to do that?

  4. this code do not work: <? Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>
    I take a half of day to figure it, and it will work with <?php View::element('footer_required'); ?>

    Dose this video is out of date?

  5. I was going crazy trying to wordpressify my theme…. well.. screw that. Concrete5 is da bomb and this tutorial is just perfect. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for very good tutorial. It works fine for Urbanic theme but in my Cypress Bootstrap theme I have problem with edit bar, navbar is hidding behind edit bar.
    Also the area which I want to edit is not working. Neither on mouse hover nor by drag and drop. Even cannot click the help question mark which is at the top right side of the site.
    Any idea please ?

  7. Hello!

    I have some trouble when i dragged a box to a edditable area, when i do that a javascriptvoid(0) error and i can't drag a box to the area. Someone can help me?


  8. I have a quick question: You put $a = new Area('Welcome'); Where can I find out all of the possible areas i can put in my theme?

  9. oh lawd. i just found out why my header wasn’t working. i copied the typo in the line: "<? Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>" which probably should be: "<?=Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>" – still very nice tutorial. thank you very much.

  10. I wonder how he made it work.  at 19.42
    His opening tag for for the area >?

    $a = new Area('Welcome');
    should be
    $a = new Area('Welcome');

  11. Please make more tutorials like these for the new concrete5
    You explain it so good. Concrete5 new version is awsome.
    I like the new features and the new look.
    Only speed wise it needs improvement.

  12. Thanks. I see the main difference, is the themes now reside in the /application/themes directory instead of the root/themes.  That got me initially until of course I watched the video.  Keep up the great work.  Love Concrete5 and been using it since 2011.

  13. Great start for beginners, love all the new stuff! Always appreciate the workflow example of finding solutions in concrete5.
    Still working on my first C57 design

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