Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

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Conways game of life app in Java (free code)

1 min read

Feel free to download the .jar file and play around with it.

You can get the code from the link below and modify it as you wish. The code might be slightly messy in parts but I’ll try to clean in up soon and add more javadoc and descriptions.
It might look complicated at first , but the reason I have so many classes is to Isolate the matrix from the time-simulator and the actually Conway simulator .

Here is the link to the jar file. (google drive)

7 thoughts on “Conways game of life app in Java (free code)

  1. Hi Teymur, for some reason, the menu is now showing off on my end, thus making it complicated to run and stop and define speeds.

    I can run it with the Space bar…. and the menu shows of for a few milliseconds… and that's all.

    Any solution? Keyboard shortcuts?

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