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Create and configure amazon ec2 server || Host Website on Amazon EC2 || AWS || AWS EC2 Tutorial

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AWS EC2 Tutorial

In this video. Will learn how to create an ubuntu instance in AWS
( Amazon Web services) and install a web server (apache/nginx) .
Ubuntu : Operating System used mostly in server. Current stable latest #ec2
stable version 18.04
Instance type: t2.micro (Free tier)
Instance ram: 1GB (Free tier)
Instance storage: 30GB (Free tier)
Security Group setup for port 80,443 and 22.

Here I have choosen a free tier eligible instance.
Please watch the full video to create the server in AWS.
Have any doubts ping me in comment section of the video. will reply as sson as
Dependency softwares needed:
Filezilla client:
Commands for installing web server (apache):
sudo apt-get install apache2

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