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Currying in Javascript | JS Interview Questions

1 min read

Function Currying is a cool feature of functional programming with Javascript. This video covers two ways to achieve that, firstly by using bind function and the second using the concept of closure.

Currying refers to the process of transforming a function with multiple arity into the same function with less arity. The curried effect is achieved by binding some of the arguments to the first function invoke, so that those values are fixed for the next invocation.

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21 thoughts on “Currying in Javascript | JS Interview Questions

  1. not explained properly brother. I mean in bind how "this" object with boolean argument like true/false will work. I mean if i pass boolean how it behave. Interviewer asked me this

  2. Hi Akshay , when we set the argument using bind say bind(this, 3), this way of presetting the arguments isn't called partial() ? I am confused with partial and curry

  3. your video is great but u can not explain deeply sorry to say dont be negative what is x value what is y value is u after code please explain this value is this x doing this y value is this u doing great job as my opinion u use marker also

  4. Hello Akshay..
    Can you please cover all the topics of ES6 features with example.. It will be very helpful to us. The way you Explain and TEACHING the stuff is awesome in camera.

  5. your concept is good….can u make video on ECMAScript6 and its all feature and function….i m sure you will get best suscription…i m seeing many javascript video …..but your video are awesome in javascript….please make more video and i will tell my friend to subscribe

  6. It would help a lot if you could create a fully fledged project involving all these concepts so as to highlight there usage in the process of development. Thank you. Great video once again.

  7. Only yesterday, I was interviewed and was asked the question "What is closure and where it is used?". I had given the page-hit-counter as an example of a closure usage. Now I know what is another usage. Thanks for the valuable posted.

  8. the video was good but Can you also solve one of the most frequently/important questions asked for that particular topic to have a better understanding and also it will also give an idea of the use cases.

  9. The returned function is inside the lexical environment of the multiply function so it can access the preset variable x that we get from outside multiply function. Correct me if I am wrong and Thanks a lot sir.

  10. This is awesome bhaiya! Have been working with javascript and feel there is still a lot to cover! This initiative of yours will help us a lot. Btw, I am also studying @ your undergrad school.

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