Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Custom guitar paint (doodle art)

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44 thoughts on “Custom guitar paint (doodle art)

  1. That thing looks absolutely awesome. I would suggest putting either black or yellow volume and tone knobs on it though. It would really make those knobs pop if you put them on there. You should do the headstock too. But it looks amazing as it is I could definitely give you that.

  2. I been watching quite a number of videos about various guitar paint jobs. Some were pretty good, some let me feel petty for the instrument 🙂
    Your paintjob is both original, and very well executed. Single issue I would say:
    You better do two add-on clear finishes over your paint job, I think you did it a bit thin.

  3. Looks damn good from here.. I have an old buddy from high school, That's been 35 years now, Anyhow He's an artist, I want to buy/build an SG & have him do a fool rendition..

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